A Ponder Gander w Vincent Easley II – 2019-03-29 – Radio Writing Series. #WMW1

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The Life We Live – Quit Kickin’ My Dog Around.

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The Retro Recast of What Matters Worldwide Episode 1 aired May 2, 2013, on UCY.tv

How has American radio—once a grassroots, community-based medium—become a generic service that primarily benefits owners and shareholders and prohibits its listeners from receiving diversity of opinions, ideas, and entertainment through local programming?
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When Your Bucket’s Got A Hole In It, Wing It!

Whatever It Takes

My Brother’s Keeper – Bent Badges: #CopBlock Guest, Curt Williams. Mentions & Topics: Jim Funke, Boiler Room Radio, Fukushima Facts, Rad Chick, Susanne Posel, James Freeland, JulES, Natural Law, Free Will, #theGODparticle, C.S. Lewis, Entropy, Petro-Chemical System, Federal Reserve System, #PonziScheme #MonSanto #GMO Permaculture, Guerilla Gardening, Clean Water, Fracking, Organic Guru, Fuel for the Body .org, D. Grant Smith, The Appetizer Radio Show, Connecting Voices, UCY.tv

Phyllis Sinclair, distinguished … as “A Lady of Conviction”, has earned attention for her songs of truth and triumph.
Inspired by People, from All Walks of Life, in Solidarity with First Nations.
<~~~*At Last*~~~>

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WHAT MATTERS: A Ponder Gander with Vincent Easley II airs LIVE

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Bundy Ranch Stand-Off – YouTube Playlist:
That’s me in the white T-shirt under the bridge in back up high. That’s me, right beneath where Eric Ej Parker watched over The People that came to #StandInTheGap SHOUTING LOUDLY echoing what is The American Way. Truth and Justice, not Just Because you say. The Government is Of and By WE the People, not to be Ruled Over by Force of Might and governed without Representation.



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