Grammy’s Rocket Chair Podcast – 2019-08-09 – #BabylonBee #Baltimore #MindControl #MassHypnosis #RLM

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Grammys Rocket Chair

Grammy’s Rocket Chair On a FREEKER Friday Night!

In case you haven’t noticed yet….. WW3 IS going on Right Now…… and the Battlefield IS Your Mind!

Don’t BeLIEve Me??? Well…… When articles from BabylonBee seem as Credible (if not More So, imho) than what is put out by the C.L.A.P.S. ~ Corporate Lame Ass Propaganda System (Thanks Grim) a.k.a. MSM….. so much so that “That Paragon of Factchecking” Snopes has even Snoped It…..

When Someone Steps Up and “Walks the Talk”…….. Decides to Actually DO SOMETHING about a Problem as opposed to “Just Bitch’n” and Pointing Fingers…… and not only did they DO SOMETHING but they Also had 170+ Others Join In on the DOING SOMETHING….. AND Did an Exemplary Job at it as well……. How did the Local Fish Wrap acknowledge Their Achievement? By Questioning Their Motives! Complaining that there wasn’t Photographic Evidence of ALL the Trash Cleaned Up! BLAMING the One that Decided to DO SOMETHING for Making the People that Live there (and by extension, Their Representatives) Look Bad because they let it Get in This Shape in the First Place! MAN! Talk about Biting the Hand that Feeds You ALL the way Up To the Shoulder! By the Way….. THANK YOU Scott Presler & All the Wonderful People who Joined In Your Cause

And Lastly….. You KNOW that the Mass Hypnosis has worked it’s magic when People are Queuing Up for the Latest & Greatest “Treatment” for that “Symptom” that they didn’t even Know was a “Symptom” until they saw the Commercial on T.V……. Even if it Kills Them…… but Until Then….. “Doc, I saw this Ad on T.V…… do you think it will Help?” Repeat Customers to the End……

SCHEESH! WAKE UP PEOPLE! You’re BEING PLAYED! Time to Stop Blindly Swallowing (Literally & Figuratively) all the Garbage that’s being Shoveled At You!

Please, the Next Time YOU say “Somebody ought to DO Something!” Remember that YOU Are SOMEBODY!

Thanks for Giving a Listen & Please be sure to check out All the Other AWESOME Shows here on the RLM!

Much Love ~ Grammy

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