A Ponder Gander w Vincent Easley II – 2019-09-27 – Living Life On Our Own Terms

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LIFE: Just BEing Me”
   In Contrast   
You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.
Journalism (TRUTH) Needs Defense • Be The Media
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Celebrating the Life of Becky Haines Cowley
September 7th 1964 – September 23rd 2019
Aug 19, 2018 by Becky Haines
Just BEing Me is the first book published by creative spirit Becky Haines. She explores the simplicities and intricacies of like only as a vibrant survivor can do : with resigned optimism and bravery. Enclosed within are the words and photography of a woman who seems to always find more to say.

“Thank you FB for announcing my Born-Day one day early . My favorite picture of my Momma and I, this baby came in a with a bang  at 10.3. Picture is actually from a clip in the San Diego paper as my Daddy was out to sea, he was a Navy man. Thanks everyone for the wishes!” Becky Cowley 6 September 2018 ·

Vincent Easley II ᵘᵖᵈᵃᵗᵉᵈ ʰⁱˢ ᵖʳᵒᶠⁱˡᵉ ᵖⁱᶜᵗᵘʳᵉ 22 September 2019
Becky passed peacefully early Monday morning at 1 am, Sept. 23rd 2019. She touched many souls in this World, we will sorely miss her.
Remembering the life she shared serves as both her Testament and Will that, to God be the Glory, “shall be for the good of others”.

When you feel you may be drowning in this thing called life, just tie another knot at the end of your rope and hang on, things will change.… Becky Haines Cowley

“A Few Knots” © written by Steven Tolbert

The Patriarchs from Adam down through the generations would write a Testament to their heirs explaining what he had learned in this life and passing the wisdom of a life lived to his offspring. I beseech thee to write your testament(thx VDE)


From Becky’s Profile Pictures  – No Facebook? (see more: click-here-> Becky’s Pics.)

See More-> Becky Haines Art

Becky Haines Multi-colored Natural foods fighting cancer
The Ochelli Effect with Becky Haines

A big thank you to Becky Haines for appearing on The Ochelli Effect.

“We built memories. We built them not knowing at the time they would become memories. That someday in the not-too-distant future we’d look back on those times in the house and wonder where it all went.” Victoria Comella | Longreads | July 2018 | @VictoriaComella | @Longreads 

All Flesh Is Grass
And the Goodliness I See
Like the Flowers of the Field All Withered Away
Man Born of a Woman
Full of Troubles for a Few Days
Like a Vapor that Appearest for a Little While
With Time Vanishes Away
I’ve Oft’ Times Wondered About the Things I’ve Done
‘Twas Vexation of the Spirit
Vanity Beneath the Sun
All Flesh Is Grass • And the Goodness I See • Like the Flowers of the Field All Withered Away • Whiteman • Redman • Blackman • All Men • All Flesh Is Grass


Halfmoon Mountain  Arkansas . November 2013 Vincent Easley II                                                                                                                                                                 All Flesh © written by Steven Tolbert

 So brief a time we have…

So brief a life, and then an endless life
Or endless death;
So brief a life, then endless peace or
Whoso considereth
How man but like a flower
Or shoot of grass
Blooms an hour,
Well may sigh “Alas!”                                                                                                    continue reading… “All Flesh Is Grass” by Christina Rossetti

You can choose your behavior, the world chooses your consequences. – Pia Melody
Oh Turkey! In our Summer days, A vagrant, coy, hard to raise;
Forever strutting in your pride, And bluffing it with haughty stride!
Oh Goosey Gander! How you hiss!
You’re wise enough to ponder this-That birds that squawk and hiss and peck
Are sure to get it in the neck!
…on this day…
We’ll square accounts in merry fray.
…good enough…
 continue reading…  Birds of Christmas by Charles Irwin Junkin

“If one only might try again!” he whispered. “If one only might.”


Yamas (Sanskrit: यम) is a part of the continued choice of “right living” and being ethical. It means “reining in” or “control”. Simply, they are rules for Proper Conduct. (paraphrased, wikipedia)

The struggle back to life and faith in the face of pain and the certainty of death.
There comes a moan to the cancer clinic. There comes a sound so low and unvarying it seems hardly human, more a note the wind might strike off jags of rock and ice in some wasted place too remote for anyone to hear. Continue reading… Mortify Our Wolves By Christian Wiman | September 4, 2012 

Do you not then hear this horrible scream all around you that people usually call silence.Werner Herzog  (thx Prints)

Intent; Choices are what we make of it and what we determine ourselves to be. (thx frumpy)
Are You You, or Someone’s else Idea of what you should be?
I write my own script in life, but (it’s) the purpose in my soul that guides me. ~ Becky Cowley
When I come to that place, that part of me, where I find my rest, tis jubilee, in rendezvous, meet me. vreii
Friendship can tear down all the walls that attempt to intimidate its might.
Unity between friends can achieve what seems impossible.
Friends are a great example of the way to obtain World Peace. Julieta 2013
Vincent Easley II to Becky Cowley 8 September
Ponder Gander ♫♫(Podcast-⚫-Player)♫♫ On the Record

#Pretunication Pre-Show Un-Recorded Warm-Up Playlist #Off-the-Record
 ♫ The Old Rugged Cross ❖ Michael Combs ♫
 Hey hey hey,

ba de ya – say do you remember
ba de ya – dancing in september
ba de ya – never was a cloudy day
Ba duda, ba duda, ba duda, badu
ba duda, badu, ba duda, badu
ba duda, badu, ba duda
My thoughts are with you

Haley Reinhart & Casey Abrams “Time of the Season” Idyllwild Arts #JazzInThePines 2018

Seasons in the Sun BOC – Don’t Fear the Reaper 

The Beatles – The End 

Guess WhoLaughing

Styx – Mr. Roboto
The time has come at last (secret secret I’ve got a secret)
To throw away this mask (secret secret I’ve got a secret)
Now everyone can see (secret secret I’ve got a secret)
My true identity…

Legato In music performance and notation, legato indicates that musical notes are played or sung smoothly and connected.
That is, the player makes a transition from note to note with no intervening silence. Legato technique is required for slurred performance,
but unlike slurring, legato does not forbid rearticulation. (Wikipedia)

Who is this poor boy #Scaramouche and does he do the Fandango? #ᴾᵒᵈᵉʳᴳᵃᵈᵉʳ (♫♫Noble Nonsensory♫♫
‘Tis true, I come to discover secrets but more to trust, than to suspect: fitly, nothing but words gratify me. @CapitaniZanni Portmanteau Sᶜᵃʳᵉᵃ ᴹᵒᵒˢʰ
the boneyard.
ᵐᴼʷ ᵐ⁰ʷ ᴹ⁰ᵂ ᴹᵒᵂ ᵐᵒʷ ᵐ⁰ʷ ⁿᵒʷ ᴺᴼᵂ ⁿ⁰ʷ ᴺ⁰ᵂ ᴺᵒᵂ
( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o)

What Matters: A Ponder Gander Radio Writing Series with Vince Easley 
To Think and Reason, Raising Expectations Through Thought Provoking Episodes.

Standing in the Gap / Connecting Voices – Considering Perspectives \ Broadcasting What Matters Worldwide.

Radio Writing: Sounds Great – Less Filling.



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United States v. Bundy, Case No. 2:16-cr-00046-GMN-PAL (D. Nev. Dec. 30, 2016)
The Bundy Ranch Standoff and Trial Report by Vincent Easley II

“The Battle of Bunkerville” was the Stand-Off in the Spring of 2014 headed by the

U.S. Department of the Interior’s BLM (Bureau of Land Management) along the Virgin River in Southern Nevada.

On the other-side, were several hundred Americans Standing in the Gap in a Peaceful Pushback as both a protective buffer for the Bundy family, and to protest the government’s roundup and attempted confiscation of several hundred head of Bundy cattle.

 History and Current Events. Live-Stream, Video and Radio Broadcasts. I reported from the ranch in 2014 and  in 2017/18 at the federal trial in Las Vegas continuing the coverage, and as a witness (#303) for the defense.

That’s me in the white T-shirt under the bridge in back up high right beneath where Eric (Ej) Parker watched over The People that came to #StandInTheGap SHOUTING LOUDLY echoing what is The American Way. Truth and Justice, not Just Because you say. The Government is Of and By WE the People, not ruled by Force of Might, governed at gunpoint.

Vincent Easley II, Continuing to Stand in Witness.
Connecting Voices – Considering Perspectives. Broadcasting What Matters Worldwide.about.me/vincenteasleyii

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