A Ponder Gander with Vincent Easley II – 2019-12-20 – Bundy Case Going Back To Court

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Bundy et al. Dismissal with Prejudice – Government’s Reply Brief.

The Tortoise and the Hair, Hoof, and Hide the Truth.

You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.Journalism (TRUTH) Needs Defense • Be The Media
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A Modest Proposal: Waving the Flag, and a Message to Tyranny.

Regardless of politics or ideological leanings to left, right or wherever; the sight of the flag still stirs something up within me. Whenever I see it fluttering in the wind I don’t see a symbol of government. I don’t see a symbol of party affiliation. I don’t see a symbol of this conspiracy theory or that, regardless of how true some may be. For me, when I see this flag; I see a symbol of We the People, We the Individuals, We the multitude endowed by our Creator with unalienable Rights. I see a symbol of the greatest of things in the face of tyranny, be it by government, the majority or any other form tyranny may take: I see it as a symbol of Hope that All Men are entitled to and can attain Freedom. Symbols are not constant, they can’t always be reduced to what they once meant, or reduced to zero. Symbols are what we make them. Would to God we once again stopped the next time we saw a flag and pondered in our hearts what Freedom means, for ourselves and our fellow man, and then proceeded to conduct ourselves in a way respecting of such a Hope. Daniel Louis Crumpton . 9 December at 20:10

Fate touches him one chill winter’s day when he borrows the jacket of a long-dead postal worker to protect himself from the cold. The old,
worn uniform still has power as a symbol of hope, and with it he begins to weave his greatest tale, of a nation on the road to recovery. – The Postman

Two years ago Judge Gloria Navarro tossed the federal case against the Bundys and a few others. She later dismisses it completely with prejudice. The state says No Fair!

“My Client is Liberty. It’s every Lawyers Duty to Challenge the Leviathan of Unchecked Powers Claimed as Governmental Authority.” – Roger Roots

A Look back with Roger Roots mistrial and dismissal. Differences.
Bundy Ranch – Mistrial vs Dismissal, with or without Prejudice
Judge Gloria Navarro declared a mistrial in this latest round, the 3rd attempt at a conviction, failing again in the Nevada Federal Courthouse. Wednesday Dec. 20, 2017.

Ryan Bundy is arguably a leading force in this cohesive determination for Justice along with the unrivalled efforts from lawyers, legal aids and the great many hands of diligence lending in behind the scenes.
Shackled, contempt and cover-up, lies and suppression of evidence hidden in sealed documents and behind closed doors, secret court proceedings have bound the Truth from being presented these past 2 years. Misconduct by the prosecution, FBI, BLM and Brady/Giglio violations in discovery obligations may only pale in comparison to the misconduct, civil and criminal acts and vicious prosecution by the State.

January the 8th will hear motions from the Defence Team to dismiss charges with prejudice. If not resolved at that time, February the 26th has been set on the Docket to reconvene and a new case.
In the courtroom will see the Defence, Cliven Bundy Ryan Bundy, Ammon Bundy, Ryan Payne – Bob Whipple, Brenda Weksley, Dan Hill, Roger Roots, Larry Klayman, Maysour Fletcher, Morgan Philpot and Rick Koerber < Judge Gloria Navarro > Stephen Myhre, Nadia Ahmed and Daniel Scheiss will represent for the State (maybe).
Bundy Ranch – Mistrial vs Dismissal, with or without Prejudice – YouTube

Ryan and I have been getting many messages about the fact that the Government is working on trying to re-open our case. This is to hopefully dispel some rumors, and at least, let you know, what we know. 
The Government filed an appeal to the 9th circuit that challenges Judge Navarro’s decision to dismiss our case with prejudice. When a case is dismissed with prejudice, it cannot be retried again. The Government is hoping to overturn the finality of that decision, so they can take evidence back to a grand jury…then, they’d like to re-indict Cliven, Ryan, Ammon, and Ryan Payne. So…this hearing that is coming up in March, is to argue Judge Navarro’s ruling before the ninth circuit back in January of 2018. If they successfully get it overturned, the men could be re-indicted.
I’m not sure how many of you were there in the courtroom when the case was dismissed. The room was packed. Her words and language were strong as to the irresponsibility of the prosecutor’s and how they mishandled our case. The fact is, the grand jury was lied to, as to many of the facts that got the men indicted to begin with. The lies were exposed in those first few weeks of evidentiary hearings, jury selection, and trial. Facts about our men, and their non-violent nature were withheld from the evidence they turned over. Facts about cameras being trained on the ranch home, along with facts about there being snipers and surveillance, on the family and home were not only withheld, but openly mocked when they were inquired about by my husband. When Ryan Payne called for protection from militia…it was because snipers were trained on the protesters and family…they denied it, but it was factually true. All of that came out with court proceedings, along with a ton of secrets, that we would all get kicked out of the courtroom for. To re-open our case is a long shot, but our judicial system is corrupt. However, Judge Navarro is a Harry Reid appointee….she’s in no way our friend, but her tongue lashing to the prosecutors was strong. I have serious doubts her decision could be overturned.
So, am I worried? No…however…we still have Greg, Todd, and Jerry still incarcerated over the lies that were told to the jury and the grand jury. Could another trial help them?? If it could, then it’d be worth it. The truths that already came out in our hearings should logically set them free already. But it hasn’t, so we watch and wait. God is still bigger, and He has helped us through all of this. My faith and trust is in Him. Angie Huntington Bundy 15 December 
Thank you Maxine. Let me tell you again how much I appreciate your work, and for all the information you provide. Most especially for taking the time to respond personally to my questions. Respectfully, Vincent.

Bundy et al. Dismissal with Prejudice – Governments Reply Brief.

Vincent Easley II Radio Reading
2019-12-19 Bundy et al. Dismissal with Prejudice Appeal – Government’s Reply Brief 
2019-11-22 – Bundy Ranch et al. United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

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The Tortoise and the Hair, Hoof, and Hide the Truth.

“The measure of a man’s power is the depth of his mercy.” – The Emperor (Christopher Moore)

The Great Debate in Extreme Environmentalism Video with Kierán Suckling, The Center for Biological Diversity.

Confronting the Center for Biological Diversity Founder, Kieran Suckling and tactics that include staging Counter-Protests and suing the Federal Government to pressure the government to remove people and property from their vested rights. [*]

RTR-RBN & RLM Radio Present: The Tortoise Two-Step Stalking-Horse Hustle The Turtleman Troubadours Perform the Same O’ Song and Dance Routine No More Moo in 92 – Cattle Free in 93 A Suckling Pig Dog and Pony Show False-Front Production If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way. Standing in the Gap continuing as Witness Vincent Easley II reporting [*] adapted


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United States v. Bundy, Case No. 2:16-cr-00046-GMN-PAL (D. Nev. Dec. 30, 2016)
The Bundy Ranch Standoff and Trial Report by Vincent Easley II

“The Battle of Bunkerville” was the Stand-Off in the Spring of 2014 headed by the

U.S. Department of the Interior’s BLM (Bureau of Land Management) along the Virgin River in Southern Nevada.

On the other-side, were several hundred Americans Standing in the Gap in a Peaceful Pushback as both a protective buffer for the Bundy family, and to protest the government’s roundup and attempted confiscation of several hundred head of Bundy cattle.

 History and Current Events. Live-Stream, Video and Radio Broadcasts. I reported from the ranch in 2014 and  in 2017/18 at the federal trial in Las Vegas continuing the coverage, and as a witness (#303) for the defense.

That’s me in the white T-shirt under the bridge in back up high right beneath where Eric (Ej) Parker watched over The People that came to #StandInTheGap SHOUTING LOUDLY echoing what is The American Way. Truth and Justice, not Just Because you say. The Government is Of and By WE the People, not ruled by Force of Might, governed at gunpoint.

Vincent Easley II, Continuing to Stand in Witness.
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the boneyard.
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Comparing history to the events of today for an expectation of the future, for our world and mankind as a whole.

What Matters: A Ponder Gander Radio Writing Series
To Think and Reason, Raising Expectations Through Thought Provoking Episodes.

Standing in the Gap | Connecting Voices—Considering Perspectives | Broadcasting What Matters Worldwide.

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