Dropping a Coil Podcast Blog w Larry Woods Flash Robwerks – 2020-06-04 – State Of The Art Energy – Pt. 13

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Dropping a Coil
Larry Woods, 
Robwerks & Flash


State Of The Art Energy, Pt. 13

Dropping a Coil

Larry And Rob Continue The Process Of Making A Coil From Concept To Reality

Today’s Show Topics:

  • “State Of The Art Energy, Pt. 13”
  • Going Public With The New Coil (Vortex Math Coils)
  • Larry Speaks About How To Wire The Coils Correctly?
  • Verifiable Proof Is In The Old Maths
  • These Vortex Math Coils Produce Clean Power, No Spikes At All
  • Robwerks Brings Up Manufacturing
  • Larry Talks Capacitors And Limitless Energy Technologies On Facebook
  • Lets Make Some Bearings On Youtube Flash Brings Of Supply And Demand
  • Making Strong Connections And Making Speakers Too
  • Monday Meeting Report
  • Fishin’ Report 8 – 3
  • Controlling Your Frequencies
  • Building Your Workbench
  • The Do’ And Don’ts Making A Mess For Profits
  • Man Made Islands…Tender Ships
  • Can I Make A Call? How Are Things In The USA?
  • Flash Wants a Definition For Anarchist!
  • Math Links are Available in Past Shows

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This is the podcast for The Dropping a Coil Program that airs every Thursday at 2:00 PM Eastern Time with your hosts Larry Woods, Robwerks & Flash


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