American Dissonance – 2021-05-07 – Breaking the Law

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Breaking the Law – A War of Conscience.
There Was a Man – Sean Anderson.
Sean and Sandy Anderson and me at the federal courthouse in Las Vegas during the 2017/18 trial of USA vs Bundy et al.

Sean Anderson has been found guilty of aggravated assault upon a peace officer with (special question) a deadly weapon. Sentencing July 12th.

(Video was deleted from the channel. I have most of the audio in the player above.)

After deliberating a little more than an hour Wednesday, a jury of five women and seven men found Sean L. Anderson guilty of felony aggravated assault on a peace officer and the use of a deadly weapon in the commission of a crime.

Anderson, 52, of Riggins, faces a possible 25 years in prison, which includes 10 years for aggravated assault on a peace office and an added 15 years for the use of a deadly weapon. Second District Judge Gregory FitzMaurice ordered a presentence investigation and set sentencing for 1 p.m. July 12. Story

You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.Journalism (TRUTH) Needs Defense • Be The Media
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A fact finding mission for a just war (in progress).
“We are trading one form of slavery for another.” – Cliven Bundy

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United States v. Bundy, Case No. 2:16-cr-00046-GMN-PAL (D. Nev. Dec. 30, 2016)
The Bundy Ranch Standoff and Trial Report by Vincent Easley II

“The Battle of Bunkerville” was the Stand-Off in the Spring of 2014 headed by the

U.S. Department of the Interior’s BLM (Bureau of Land Management) along the Virgin River in Southern Nevada.

On the other-side, were several hundred Americans Standing in the Gap in a Peaceful Pushback as both a protective buffer for the Bundy family, and to protest the government’s roundup and attempted confiscation of several hundred head of Bundy cattle.

 History and Current Events. Live-Stream, Video and Radio Broadcasts. I reported from the ranch in 2014 and  in 2017/18 at the federal trial in Las Vegas continuing the coverage, and as a witness (#303) for the defense.

Real Liberty Media Website  |   Bundy Ranch Playlist

Standing in the Gap | Connecting Voices—Considering Perspectives | Broadcasting What Matters Worldwide.

Comparing history to the events of today for an expectation of the future, for our world and mankind as a whole.

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