Grim Leftovers Podcast Blog – 2020-01-06 – #Bushfires #Deliberate #Iran #Attack #Israel #SecretPact

Today’s Show Topics:
° Nearly 200 People Arrested Across Australia For Deliberately Starting Bushfires
° Iran Threatens To Attack The White House In ‘Crushing Retaliation’
° Pence Falsely Links Iranian General To 9/11 Attacks
° US And Israel Reportedly Sign Secret Pact To Take On Iran
° Weapons Makers Stocks Surge as US Risks War With Iran
° Mysterious Drones Flying Nighttime Patterns Over Northeast Colorado
° Self-Driving Pizza Delivery Now In California
° ‘Being Nice’ A ‘Tool Of White Supremacy,’ Female Racial Activists Warn
° Colleges Are Dropping Testing And Standards In Order To Create More ‘Diversity’
° What Do They Know? US And Russia Developing Plan To Deal With Incoming Asteroids

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Power Hour - Sqaure

Power Hour with Prints & Poopster Podcast Blog – 2019-12-12 – EP11 – Taylor Swift is a Roger

° Cryptocurrency, Explained To Someone New
° Roger
° Scams
° Drug Addiction, Opioid Crisis
° This Week’s ‘Doomsday Asteroids’
° Random Banter
° 32 Foot Tapeworm

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Behind The Woodshed Blogcaster – January 26, 2014. Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:59:48 — 70.1MB) | EmbedSubscribe: Android | Email | RSSAt the Situationally Aware Action Oriented Intelligence Center Of Evolutionary Engagement Here are the Links from this broadcast: Breaking Out Of Your “Prison Of Certainty” Knowledge, Wise Counsel, Independent Effort, Persistence. . . Never Forget: Only One Man […]

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