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Behind The Woodshed Blogcaster – June 23, 2019.

BTWRLM324, You’re al-Alwi Indefinitely, Serious Medical Scam, Cancer-causing Heart Pill, Cesium-137 Emergency, Send Lawyers, Guns & Money, SCOTUS Tapping You Out Indefinitely, Cows On Mars, Face-[Your Sustainable Social Debt]-Books, Surgery Scam, Fake Hardware, Doctor Kickbacks, Pharmacy Warns, FDA, Cancer-Causing Chemical Found, Cesium-137, Radioactive Leak, Harborview, Oregon Republicans, ClimateChange, Green Religion, Gaia Governor Sends Police, Guantánamo Case, Stephen Breyer, U.S. Citizens, Indefinitely Detain, #Murder Memo, Climate Terrorism, Permanent Prisoners, Mars Rover, Methane, Social Debt, Libra, Facebooks, Crypto, Trojan Rabbit

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