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Grim Leftovers Podcast Blog – 2019-11-25 – #Apocalypse #EPA #LimitScience #Unconstitutional #GunPermit

Today’s Show Topics:
° ‘Unnoticed Apocalypse’: Dying Insects Put Humankind’s Existence at Risk
° EPA Still Moving To Limit Science Used To Support Regulations
° Federal Court Rules Suspicionless Searches of Traveler’s Phones and Laptops Unconstitutional
° Bolivian Coup Paves the Way for US Offensives Within Latin America
° The War Against E-Cigarettes Is Profoundly Wrong
° NASA Detects Oxygen Changes On Mars It’s ‘Struggling To Explain’
° New Legislation Will Throw People in Jail for Disrespecting Cops
° Social Services Worker Fired, Escorted Out by Cops for Having a Gun Permit—NOT a GUN
° Cannabis Does NOT Help People Quit Opioids, Study Claims

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The Freeker’s Ball Podcast Blog – 2019-07-05 – #GlobalWarmingHoax #Earthquake #Opioids #Kratom #Time

Some of the stuff we talked about:
° 7.1 magnitude earthquake strikes Southern California
° New Trend of Tampering With Food Products and Putting Them Back Going Viral
° (Global Warming Hoaxers Say) June was hottest ever recorded on Earth, European satellite agency announces
° RealLibertyMedia on Twitter: “No worries, taxing everyone and controlling their lives will fix everything … it’s magic (for those that believe this propaganda)!
° Underwater wreckage of Chris Cline’s helicopter and Trump offers condolences to family
° Facebook is blocking users that warn against the dangers of opioids
° They Couldn’t Ban Kratom, so Now the Feds Are Trying to Stop the Source
° Can we abolish time?
° Americans Aren’t Falling for Fake News About Dietary Supplements

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Grim Leftovers Podcast Blog – 2019-07-01 – #Deepfake #ClimateModels #InfectiousDisease #Technotyranny

This Episode’s Topics:
° Samsung deepfake AI could fabricate a video of you from a single profile pic
° Russia to Arm Police With AR Face Recognition Glasses By 2020
° Top climatologist: Our models can’t be trusted
° Doctor Predicts “Major Infectious Disease Epidemic” to Hit Los Angeles This Summer
° Colorado signs bill allowing doctors to recommend medical marijuana instead of opioids
° “The Most Destructive Breach In History”: Hackers Use NSA Code To Grind Baltimore To A Halt
° Texas Cities Rush To Extend Camera Contracts Ahead Of The State’s Red Light Camera Bans
° Technotyranny: The Iron-Fisted Authoritarianism Of The Surveillance State
° Japan Discovered a Rare-Earth Mineral Deposit That Can Supply The World For Centuries

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The Freeker’s Ball Podcast Blog: 2018-07-27 – #Ice #Cannabis #WheelTax #Opioids #Bluetooth #Straws #ADHD (freekersball): Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:54:08 — 26.1MB) | EmbedSubscribe: Android | Email | RSSAre you sexually frustrated? Rumor has it chewing on ice may help … but then, that is just a rumor. Some people like to have a few drinks or smoke some weed to help with that, but […]

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The Freeker’s Ball Podcast Blog: 2018-06-01 – #Romaine #EColi #JFK #LBJ #Pornography #LightTrap (freekersball): Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:48:09 — 24.8MB) | EmbedSubscribe: Android | Email | RSSMoosegurl returned! Well, for this week anyway. She will gone the next two Fridays. Moosegurl’s twin boys, Matt and Zach turned 18 years old last week and graduated from highschool this week, so she is a busy […]

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The Freeker’s Ball with Grimnir & Moosegurl – Podcast Blog: 2018-01-19 (freekersball): Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:38:58 — 21.8MB) | EmbedSubscribe: Android | Email | RSSWe did some Freekin’ ‘cuz Freekin’ is what Freeker’s do! It was quite the week on the Freeky ass planet called earth, so we had plenty discuss, and discuss we did, well, discuss and laugh at the […]

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