A Ponder Gander w Vincent Easley II – 2019-05-03 – Radio Writing Series. #pgv1e11


You talk too much.
Is it the end of the World as we know it?

A Long-Winded appetite for risk. or lack of it for it.
More fear / more risk. fear isn’t the answer. if we’re afraid we’re giving up our freedom

My Poem, This flower of mine, this song of mine.
(G0) ghoti = fish. /f/ as in rou/gh/. /i/ as in w/o/men. /sh/ as in na/ti/on.

Easley even in 3-syllables – The clash of spelling. 。。。。・゜゜゜゜・・\_ö< I’m Vincent Easly! I am a Duke, err, rather a Duck.
Shakespeare and the variations. dialectal variations reflected in spelling. The same word spelled differently even by the same person. (to my friend Dan10EC)

The devil can’t write no love songs no matter how hard he tried. (he never got his heart broke and he never cried)  Put your hands up.

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