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Behind The Woodshed Blogcaster – Apr. 25, 2021.

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It’s All Connected Podcast Blog – 2021-01-04 – Deceive, Inveigle, Obfuscate.

Cirkel and I discussed and connected a variety of topics:

  • Deceive, Inveigle, Obfuscate.
    • Deceive – To Cause To Believe What Is Not True; Mislead.
    • Inveigle – To Win Over By Coaxing, Flattery, Or Artful Talk.
    • Obfuscate – To Make So Confused Or Opaque As To Be Difficult To Perceive Or Understand.
  • Nothing In The Commercial World Is What It Seems.
  • Climate Activism Is An Enabler For Pollution.
  • Peace Talks Are Enablers For War.
  • Free Usually Comes At Highest Price.
  • Justice Is Smokescreen For Control.

It was a lively and meandering conversation that I think you will enjoy listening to.

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