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Power Hour with Prints & Poopster Podcast Blog – 2019-12-26 – EP12 – Marsupial Exsanguination

° Cryptocurrency
° Craig Wright
° This Week’s Doomsday Asteroid
° Kurt Cobain
° Pop Stars
° Discord Hell
° Near Death Experiences
° The God Helmet
° 2FA Hack In The News
° Qtrit Quantum Teleportation
° Farewell Poopster!

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Power Hour with Prints & Poopster Podcast Blog – 2019-08-29 – Digital Money and the Quantum Barbecue

On this week’s broadcast, listen in as Prints & Poopster delve in to some often neglected topics such as the fundamental differences between each offering in the digital currency system. How to avoid potential scams. Where to find reliable information on crypto. And important aspects quantum world including superposition, Qubits, Qutrits, Quantum Computers, and what quantum computers mean to the future of cryptocurrency.

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