Power Hour - Sqaure

Power Hour with Prints & Poopster Podcast Blog – 2019-09-12 – EP4 – I Believe I Can Fly

° Another Week Of Sideways Crypto
° Roger Ver Opening Exchange On Bitcoin.com

Other Topics Covered
° This Week’s Doomsday Asteroid
° The Big Bang
° Friday The 13th, Harvest Moon
° Asshole Of The Week: @Ukdrillas
° Epstein’s Island
° Weed Breathalyzer
° Weather Modification
° Is Reality Real?
° Decoding Cat Meows

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In A perfect World Blog Post– 2018-10-16 – You Say Hello I say Goodbye

Contrasting the Occupation with Flash and VinE
You Say Hello I say Goodbye

VinE is stepping down from the show to pursue other challenges.

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