Freeker’s Ball New Years Eve 2011 Prediction Show

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Freeker’s Ball New Years Eve 2011 Prediction Show


On December 31st, 2010 at 11:00 PM Eastern the weekly show on Real Liberty Media (RLM) on Channel 3 was aired with your hosts Grimnir and Moosegurl. This was the 1st annual predictions for the next year call-in show. During the show, we received many predictions for 2011 via phone call ins, skype and the chat room.

There were no rules given about the topic or direction of peoples predictions, just a suggestion that it should be something you thought would actually happened and not something you just want to happen. I had fully intended on including each and every prediction in the following list as it was given, however, there were a couple predictions that I find to be a bit too dark and will not include in the published list. I will, however, update this post on a later date with those predictions should they actually come true. Additionally, those predictions are in the recorded program which is embedded in this post so that you can listen to that if you want to find out what I did not include.

For anyone reading this that is unfamiliar with IRC (Internet Relay Chat) and are wondering why the funny names people have, they are just nicknames that people give themselves when using IRC. I myself use the nickname Grimnir on IRC. This is not an attempt to disguise or hide my true identity, it is just how IRC works. My real name(Government approved name) is Garry Archer, for anyone wondering. The predictions I am not including in this published list will be indicated by numeric place holders with the predictors name and ***.

Ok, On to the predictions. The predictions are numbered, but not in the order they were received.

The night before the show, anti_theocon provided the following prediction since he would not be available during the show as he had to work that night. I think he was joking on this prediction, but here it is:

1) anti_theocon – Christine O’Donnell will admit she is really a witch, and not to be held accountable for her campaign expense shenanigans, as she was under the influence of Satan…(i will be working tomorrow evening, so have fun).

The following predictions were posted by Rorschach in the chat room:

2) Rorschach – i can see some minor civil unrest coming due to social programs being cut.
3) Rorschach – i can see Obama fighting the gridlock with executive orders.
4) Rorschach – i can see Quantitative Easing 3 (QE3) – just a delay of the crash of the dollar.

Later in the evening Rorschach called in with this prediction:
5) Rorschach – Terror attack in the US, North Korea will be blamed for supplying the weapons to the Iranians, strategic aim of bombing Iran to cut flow of oil to Europe to prevent a currency war between US and the EU.

Our first call in was from queite (Kate) and she provided the following 3 predictions:
6) queite – Gold price to 1750 by End of the year
7) queite – Hillary Clinton to Resign
8) queite – Hank Paulson indicted for criminal fraud

During quiete’s call, in the chat room Rorschach stated that Hillary would go to the UN when she retired, and queite agreed when she the comment leading to the following “team” prediction:
9) queite – put this down as my 2a. about Hillary – Rorschach –  she’ll go to the United Nations

Our friend Beatle called in and provided the following for himself and his family:

10) Marshall – Silver will rise dramatically
11) Mother – in CT will get more snow this year than last 5 years combined
12) Little Dave – Obama admin will be bigger failure than it has been
13) Beatle – Nuclear device will detonate at 3 locations, one of them being NYC
14) Beatle – Dick Cheney will unplug
15) Beatle – a 10.0 Earthquake will occur (Yellowstone highly possible)
16) Beatle – Trees will not produce leaves this year
17) Beatle – memefilter and A_G1RL will split up
18) Beatle – will be sold to Beatle for $1000
19) Beatle – ***
20) Beatle – ***
21) Beatle – will die this year
22) Beatle – Grim and Moose will become a couple

Spacewolf was working that night but was able to join us in the chat room. He provided the following predictions:
23) Spacewolf – Julian Assange will be killed in 2011
24) Spacewolf & Moosegurl – Badgers will win the Rose Bowl (Spacewolf says 47-13)

Moosegurl, my co-host on the Freeker’s Ball, provided these predictions at various times throughout the night:
25) Moosegurl – Gasoline at or above $5 a gallon national average
26) Moosegurl – Cable companies will fail
27) Moosegurl – There will be disclosure from the government about UFOs or EBEs
28) Moosegurl – People will start forming grassroots communities and realizing they need to be self-sustaining

Our good buddy Asmo provided these predictions in the chat room:
29) Asmo – I predict the invasion fleet will reach mars and be seen by the world. panic will ensue as light assault crafts depart to earth.
30) Asmo – I also predict that an “Iranian” will assassinate BO and a massive invasion of Iran will ensue.
31) Asmo – After the war starts the Russians, Chinese, and North Koreans along with several south American countries will invade the US through the southern border.
32) Asmo – New York, Atlanta, and Washington DC will be attacked

At the beginning of the show, I made a prediction that a person who used to be a regular in the chat room but that not been around in a while would rejoin us during this show. I had spoken with BethZ a few days before the show and she thought it would be funny to make this prediction, I think it worked out.

BethZ called in with the following predictions:
33) BethZ – Ron Paul will run for the GOP nomination.
34) BethZ – Gold will be 2350 by the End of the year.
35) BethZ – Dick Cheney will die.
36) BethZ – Mexico decriminalizes drugs.
37) BethZ – RLM will double viewers end of year.
38) BethZ – John McCain will have a stroke.

My friend Christine called in to wish us all Happy New Year and provide the following prediction from her father:
39) Frieden – Much Greater awareness about governments lies to the people, bigger than ever before with widespread knowledge and the degree they are willing to lie.

During the show I was being asked to give some predictions of own, so I provided the following:

39) Grimnir – Calif will default on payment obligations and will be bailed out.
40) Grimnir – New Orleans to get at least a category 4 hurricane and oil and BP chemicals will be dumped on them.

On December 31st, 2011, we will do another predictions show for 2012 and we will review the predictions listed above to see how accurate we all were. It was a very fun show and I had a great time doing it.

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