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The Power Hour
Hosted by Poopster and Prints
on RLM Radio
Every Thursday Night
at 11:00 PM Eastern



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From the depths of the crypto gutters of freenode, come Prints & Poopster. One, a body building self proclaimed l33t hax0r, and another a tall, lanky ne’er-do-well who is perpetually asking if you’ve seen his lost puppy (spoiler, it never existed). Tune in to get a unique perspective on cryptocurrency,   world events and other various topics. Stick around for special guests,  interviews and other interesting surprises we’ll keep tangled about like that box full of old CAT5s you’ve got in the garage.

Brought to you by The Holy Roger Coin, I think they have something to do with crypto – I’m not sure. I was legally required to write that.

Be sure to join us in the chat during the live show.


You can listen to the show archives: Click Here

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