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Free Your Mind with moosegurl & Grimnir

The Free Your Mind show airs Live on Thursdays at 7:00 PM Eastern.

From the moment you are born there are voices telling you what is and what is not, what is true and what are lies, defining the parameters of the “real world”.

What they don’t tell you, because they couldn’t possibly tell you, is that world they have defined and described to you is entirely limited by the scope of their vision, due to them believing in the world as it was defined and described to them from the moment they were born.

This self-perpetuating, never-ending limit on thought and actions can only end if you Free Your Mind!

You can break from these constraints on the scope of your vision only by realizing those limits that have been presented to you do not apply to you, they are not real. Those concepts make people feel comfortable by giving them thought boundaries.

This is the Free Your Mind show with moosegurl and Grimnir. Sit back and listen and see your way beyond the world as it has been defined.


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