Year: 2024

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Behind The Woodshed Blogcaster – Feb 25, 2024

Safety And Security Illusions, Backtracking Missteps, Misinformation Misinformers, CoviSwindle Truths, Rebrandsaw PreJunking, Chippies To Chirpies, Clearly A Scandal, On Table Or Menu, Life And Death, Mantle Of Oracle, Chatbot Blunder, Eyeing Loyalty, Frozen Liquid, Rlog, BTWRLM565, Maine, Backtracks, Student, Fingerprints, IdentiMetrics, Biden, Missteps, War in Gaza, Cognitive Impairment, France, Regulate, Influencers, Covid, Vaccine, Study, Neurological, New Zealand, Database, Administrator, Whistleblower, Covid 19, Deaths, Hyperprogressive, Cancers, IgG4, Antibodies, Google, Prebunk, Ads, Quizzing, Viewers, Misinformation, Russia, Blacklist, YouTubers, Fishing Agreement, UK, Barrents Sea, Chippies, Chirpies, Navy, Trident II, Ballistic Missile, Dud, Rafah, Disgrace, ICJ, ICC, Compromised, State Department, Threatens, Congress, Censorship, West, Overly, Optimistic, Ukraine, NATO, War Of Lies, Musk, Nobel Peace Prize, XMail, Coming, Chatbot, Blunder, Air Canada, ChatGPT, Sora, Facial Recognition, New Zealand, Grocery, Stores, Eye-Ball, Scan, Worldcoin, Integrates, Reddit, Telegram, Digital ID, Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, and Xbox, EU, Mass Surveillance, Water, Presence, Asteroid, First Time

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Behind The Woodshed Blogcaster – Feb 18, 2024

Opportunistic Predation, Next!, Bribefluence, Not Your Children, Life & Death Decisions, Rules-based Odor, EconoSlavery, Not Killing Oneself, Empire Strikes Back, Accept The New Reality, No One Left Behind, Genocide, Non-fiction Section, Rlog, BTWRLM564, WHO Report, Social Media, Law Enforcement, Control, Disinformation, European, Digital Media, Observatory, Whole-of-Society, World Economic Forum, Interoperability, Centralized, Currency, Global, Success, Bank, Bosses, Rub, Shoulders, VIPs, Secret Forum, Rockefeller, Biden, LNG, Exports, Ban, YouTube, Censor, Authoritative Sources, Hate Speech, Biometric Scanning, American Schools, Parents, Prosecuted, Human, Costs, Kamala Harris, War On Truancy, Punish Parents, New Mexico, Officers, Fatal, Shooting, Immune, AI, Deny, Health Care, U.S., Seizure, Russian, Assets, Rules-based Order, U.K., Workers, Lower, Pay, Tribunal, Compensation, Pericarditis, COVID Jab, Jeffrey, Epstein, Autopsy, Photo, Didn’t Kill Himself, Kremlin, Strikes, Back, Scholz, Sunak, Putin-Tucker, Pharma, Conducted, Drug Testing, Mariupol, Psychiatric, Patients, Biden, Hur Report, Cognitive, Impairment, President, Escapee, Rafah Invasion, Israel, Genocidal, Terrorists, Ukraine, Conscription, Decimate, Birth Rates, Russia, Breakthrough, Cancer, Vaccines, Hydrogen, Fuel, Energy

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Behind The Woodshed Blogcaster – Feb 11, 2024

License To Kill, Hog Tied InjustUs, No Accountability, Undue Influence, Iran Did It, MI6 Molfar Killabase, Putin Interview Event, Ne’er-do-well Nuland, Clear Russia Victory, US Striking Anti-ISIS, Sacred Security, Age Of Chaos, Serendipitous Ignorance, Predictive CoviCancer, Rlog, BTWRLM563, Hog-tying, Police, Policy, US Senate, Rejects, Human Rights, Report, Israel, 30 Hostages, Hamas, Confirmed, Dead, No Cause, MICIMATT, Party, Imran Khan, CIA, Trump, US Taxpayers, WEF, Powerful, Israeli Lobby, Blocking, US Withdrawal, Iranian targets, Molfar, Databse, Assassination, Tucker Carlson, Interview, Putin, Historic, Proposed Sanctions, EU, Not Yet, Zelensky, New Delusion, Nuland, Kiev, Bakery, Murders, ICJ, Russia, Victory, Proof, War on Terror, Sham, War With Iran, German, Military, Document, Countdown, World War III, Age of Chaos, Dwarf-Galaxy, Upending, Conventional, Wisdom, Predictive, Cancer, Cases, Set, Soar

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