Grim Leftovers Podcast Blog – 2020-04-06 – #FlatEarth #Cannabis #Brussels #KillerRobots #BoneInSpace

Today’s Show Topics:
° ‘Mad Mike’ Hughes Death: Us Daredevil Trying To Prove Earth Is Flat Is Killed In Homemade Rocket Crash
° Does Holding Cannabis Smoke In Make a Difference?
° Brussels Becomes First Major City to Halt 5G Due to Health Effects
° JFK Docs: CIA Plotted to Bomb Miami, Kill Refugees, and Blame Castro
° At Least They’ll Have An Off Switch: Pentagon Adopts ‘AI Ethical Principles’ For Its Killer Robots
° “No, You’re Still Deceased,” Judge Tells Dead Man
° Scientists: Unfortunately, Astronauts Will Need to Bone in Space
° Burger Robot to Replace Fast Food Workers With a Wage of $3 an Hour
° New Smartphone App Lets You Monitor Internet Of Things Spying Devices
° Welsh Butcher Fed Up With ‘Vegans Naming Plant-Based Food After Meat’ Makes Giant Carrots Out Of Pork

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Doge Of War

Behind The Woodshed Blogcaster – April 5, 2020.

Prevention Is The Cure, Quarantine Caution, Sweden Works, Indefinite Common Cold Quarantine, Asymptomatic Guilt, Infection Injection, AI Conviction, Multi-dimensional Harm, Hindsight 2020 Is Not Déjà Vu, Food Shortages Timetable, Model UNreliance, Historic Failure, Military Quarantine Guards, Exploit Any Crisis, Dear Edna, Sweden, Fauci, China, Human-to-Human, Infection, Oil Industry, World Economic Forum, Swine Flu Fiasco, Baxter International, Biological Weapon, Ukraine, FEMA/DHS, National Sabotage, National Guard, Medical Mission, Reasonable Excuse, Corona Coup, NetanYahoo, Secret Trove, Cellphone Data, Hong Kong, Bill Gates, Sociopaths, Vaccine Certificates, Beer Virus Hangover

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Dork Table - Square - 2:00 PM

The Dork Table Podcast Blog with Flash Somebody – 2020-04-04 – My Fear of Compliance

Today’s Show Topics:

° “My Fear of Compliance”
° Swedes will be Swedes
° To Swedes, It’s the Rest of the World Engaging in a Reckless Experiment
° What Is The Flu?

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The Freeker’s Ball Podcast Blog – 2020-04-03 – #Coronavirus #Stimulus #AnkleMonitors #UN #GlobalTax

Some of the stuff we talked about:
° Everyone Jumps Off Bridge After New Government Order Telling Everyone To Jump Off Bridge
° Government’s $2 Trillion Coronavirus Response Stumbles Out The Gate
° Some in U.S. May Not Get Stimulus Checks Until August
° Kentucky Coronavirus: Some Residents Are Refusing To Self-Isolate To Wear Ankle Monitors
° Teachers Unions Pressure States to Close Virtual Charter Schools
° United Nations Proposes New “Global Currency”
° Fauci Says Lockdown Will Continue Until There Are No “New Cases” of Coronavirus
° UN Wants a 10% Global Tax to Pay for New “Shared Responsibility” Program to Address Coronavirus Pandemic
° Texas Town Clamps Down: Wear a Mask in Public – Or Face Fines, Arrest
° America Could Import Countless More Face Masks if Federal Regulators Would Get Out of the Way

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Dropping a Coil - 16x9

Dropping a Coil Podcast Blog w Larry Woods Flash Robwerks – 2020-04-02 – State Of The Art Energy – Pt. 4

Today’s Show Topics:
° “State Of The Art Energy – Pt. 4″
° Robwerks Is Building An 8” Coil
° Larry And Robwerks Discuss Making And Wrapping A Coil
° Making Clear This Info Is Aimed At The Experienced Among Us Not The Beginners
° A Little Chat On Frequency, Magnetic Fields And Vibration
° Lets Chat Corona

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In a Perfect World cover - 16x9-3pm

In A Perfect World Podcast Blog w Flash Somebody – 2020-03-31 – The Friction Has Begun

In A Perfect World with Flash Somebody

Tonight’s topic: “The Friction Has Begun”

° Flash Took It Out On Corona Virus And GramZ’s Accident

° Donate to RLM Radio:

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Grim Leftovers Podcast Blog – 2020-03-30 – #CondomShortage #Porn #Cashless #InvokingRights #Ayurveda

Today’s Show Topics:
° Global Condom Shortage Looms As Coronavirus Shuts Down Production
° The Future Of Work Looks Like Staying Out Of The Office
° Brains Of People Who Are Addicted To Their Smartphone Physically Change
° Man Awarded Over $150k After He Was Denied A License Plate That Read ‘IM GOD’
° Man Glad Science Has Finally Affirmed His Natural Instinct To Stay As Far Away From Other People As Possible
° Coronavirus Porn Is Going Viral on Pornhub
° WHO Urges People To Go ‘Cashless’ Because ‘Dirty Banknotes Can Spread The Virus’
° Court Tells Cop That A Person Invoking Their Rights Isn’t Suspicious Behavior
° Ayurveda: Benefits of Drinking from a Copper Vessel
° Baking Soda Can Remove Large Amounts Of Pesticide Residue From Fruits & Vegetables

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Doge Of War

Behind The Woodshed Blogcaster – March 29, 2020.

BTWRLM363, Clearing The Fog Of Fear, Brainwash Rinse Repeat, U.S. Cashless Crypto, Assanged In Place, Deadly Coronavirabogus, Most Findings False, Deceived By Truthiness, COVID19: THERE. IS. NO. TEST., Perspective CoVID19, Cradle To Grave Treatment, Messing With Texas, Talk BAR ASS Member Talk, Martial Occupier Denier, New 9/11, Propaganda of Terror and Fear, Coronavirus Stimulus, Common Cold, Princess Cruise, Private Property Rights Suspended, TARRANT COUNTY, Tyrant County, Commandeering, Martial Law, Open Air Prison, Lockdown, Police Action, Flu Coup, A2030, Sustainable Terror, Free Or Fear, Rlog

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Dork Table - Square - 2:00 PM

The Dork Table Podcast with Flash & GramZ – 2020-03-28 – Fear Of Death & Disease Cost Us Our Freedom”

Today’s Show Topics:
° “Fear Of Death & Disease Cost Us Our Freedom
° Uranus the Planet Is Leaking Gas
° Gov. Andrew Cuomo Admits Stockpile of Thousands of Unused Ventilators
° Medical Boo-Boo’s
° Medical Error Statistics [2020]: Deaths/Year & Malpractice Rates
° There Is Only One Way For Something To Happen But 1,000’S Of Ways To Explain It
° M.D. Explains How Viruses Do Not Spread Person To Person. #SocialDistancing
° Struggling Through The Man-Demic Isn’t For The Weak Minded

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The Freeker’s Ball Podcast Blog – 2020-03-27 – #Coronavirus #SARSCoV2 #Suicide #PrivateProperty #Border

Some of the stuff we talked about:
° Teen Who Died of Covid-19 Was Denied Treatment Because He Didn’t Have Health Insurance
° Shocking Video Shows Medical Worker Asking ‘Who Is The Sickest Patient’ In Overcrowded NYC ER
° New York State Coronavirus Death Toll Soars To 519
° Coronavirus: Why Won’t WHO Use The Name SARS-CoV-2?
° New Poll Shows 74% of Americans Back a National Lockdown
° Wisconsin DNR Suspends Burning Permits
° More People Died From Suicide Than Coronavirus In Tennessee This Week
° Texas’ Third Largest County Suspends Private Property Rights Amid COVID-19
° CDC To Set Up A Coronavirus ‘Surveillance And Data Collection System’
° ID2020 and Partners Launch Program To Provide Digital ID With Vaccines
° A new FDA-authorized COVID-19 Test Doesn’T Need A Lab And Can Produce Results In Just 5 Minutes
° Humberside Police Creates Online Report Portal For People Not Social Distancing
° Even Vampire Bats Do Social Distancing When Their Friends Are Sick
° Coronavirus: Mexicans Demand Crackdown On Americans Crossing The Border
° As Coronavirus Pandemic Erupts in Cities, Rural America Braces for Impact
° US Coronavirus: New York Hospitals Under Guidance To Use LOTTERIES For Ventilators In Shortage
° The Handmaid’s Tale (TV Series 2017– )
° US10130701B2 – Coronavirus – Google Patents
° Half Of Americans Don’t Trust Mainstream Media’s COVID-19 Coverage
° After Banning Plastic Grocery Bags For The Environment, Some States Are Liberating Them Over Coronavirus Concerns
° Windows 10 Users Beware! Astaroth Malware Campaign is Back and More Malicious!

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RLM Logo 512px

Perspectums Podcast Blog with cirkel and Grimnir – 2020-03-25 – When You Can’t Go Outside – Go Inside

Today’s Show Topic – When You Can’t Go Outside – Go Inside
° Cirk’s 3 Steps to a Successful Quarantine:
1) Stay Calm
2) Consume Less
3) Read More
° We Covered All The Numbers, And Their Dirty Little Secret… The Numbers Are All Made Up, And They Will Distract You From Applying Rational, Critical Thinking.
° Listen to the HYPERBOLE, and you are sure to lose your mind.
° Most Importantly, Always Remember: Love Is Still The Answer ❤

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In a Perfect World cover - 16x9-3pm

In A Perfect World Podcast Blog – 2020-03-24 – This Is The Perfect Time For A Hoax

Tonight’s topic: “This Is The Perfect Time For A Hoax”

° Full text of “George Orwell – 1984 (Novel, English)” –

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Grim Leftovers Podcast Blog – 2020-03-23 – #LockStep #Coronavirus #Pandemic #PoliceState #BillGates

Today’s Show Topics:
° New Mexico To Order ‘Non-Essential Businesses’ To Close
° The “Lock Step” Simulation Scenario: “A Coronavirus-like Pandemic that Becomes Trigger for Police State Controls”
° Congress Assures Nation They’re Working Tirelessly To Figure Out How To Take Advantage Of This Crisis (Satire?)
° As Coronavirus Panic Spreads, Bill Gates Talks Up ‘Digital Certificates’ to Enforce Mandatory Vaccines
° First-Ever “Pig-Monkey Chimeras” Born in Chinese Lab
° George Soros Attacks Donald Trump: ‘He’s Going To Destroy The New World Order
° There’s A Connection Between Coronavirus and 5G
° How Much Toilet Paper?! – The Coronavirus Toilet Paper Calculator
° People Race To Buy Last-Minute Weed As Coronavirus Rules Shut Dutch CoffeeShops
° 12 Dozen Places To Educate Yourself Online For Free

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Doge Of War

Behind The Woodshed Blogcaster – March 22, 2020.

BTWRLM362, Martial Marshal, Free Or Fear, That Escalated Quickly, Force Eliminated?, War Time Authority, Office Of Profit, Flu Coup, Velvet Covered Gauntlet, For Your Own Good Somewhat, What Is The Test?, Not So Fast Buckeroo, Serious Coronavirus Complications, Princess And The Petri-dish, Unreliable Data, Open-Air Prison, Lockdown, Suspending Civil Liberties, Coronavirus, Common Cold, SARS-CoV-2, COVID-19, Allergies, Martial Law, Lieber Code, Clinical Code Breaker, Sen. Kelly Loeffler, Shelter in Place, National Guard, Wife Of Whistleblower, Diamond Princess, Rlog

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Dork Table - Square - 2:00 PM

The Dork Table Podcast Blog with Flash & GramZ – 2020-03-21 – Witness Relocation Anyone?

Today’s Show Topics:
° “Witness Relocation Anyone?”
° Media Generated Mass Hysteria
° The World Isn’t Upside Down
° More Good News
° The 1st Step is Recognizing There IS a Problem….. The 2nd Step Is Doing Something To Correct It!
° Legal Definition Of Human Being Is …. A Monster?

° Donate to RLM Radio:

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Freeker's Ball Banner - 16x9 - Half Size

The Freeker’s Ball Podcast Blog – 2020-03-20 – #Coronavirus #NationalGuard #PoliceState #Ventilators”

Some of the stuff we talked about:
° BREAKING! National Guard Deploys To FedExField In Maryland
° Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste: US Lawmakers Bask In Coronavirus Panic While Quietly Building The Police State Of Their Dreams
° ‘Baltimore Mayor Begs Residents To Stop Shooting Each Other So Hospital Beds Can Be Used For Coronavirus Patients’
° Church Forgives Sins Of Those Stricken By Virus
° Detroit Automakers Shut Down Plants But Workers May Return To Build Ventilators
° Doctors Turns One Ventilator Into Nine With Some Genius DIY Mechanics
° Flu Vaccine Increases Coronavirus Risk 36% Says Military Study
° Fake Coronavirus Tracking App Exploiting Our Fear And Vulnerable Social Situation
° Amazon Prime Video To Slow Streaming To Fight Broadband Overload
° Officials Tried To Warn Trump A Pandemic Was Coming In January. He Didn’t Listen.
° Austin-Based Company Develops COVID-19 Home-Test Kit
° “Are You Fucking Happy Now?” Airlines Ask Greta Thunberg
° Splendid Isolation – Warren Zevon – YouTube
° Calls for Social Distancing Spark Demand for Online Cannabis Sales in Colorado
° Guns And Ammunition Sales Soar Amid Coronavirus Panic Buying
° Donald Trump Tells Millennials They’ll Kill Their Grandparents If They Keep Partying
° Couple Are Furious When Told They’re Not Allowed To Buy TWENTY-THREE Cases Of Mountain Dew
° Ivy League Online Courses | Class Central

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Dropping a Coil - 16x9

Dropping a Coil Podcast Blog w Larry Woods Flash Robwerks – 2020-03-19 – State Of The Art Energy, Pt. 3

Today’s Show Topics:
° “State Of The Art Energy With Larry Woods Pt. 3
° Larry And Rob Spoke About The Corona Virus
° Speaking Of Pyramids, Its All About Who Has The Power
° Youtube Pyramid Power
° Micro And Macro Circuitry From The Mayans To The Japanese To The Egyptians
° Fordlandia – Henry Ford’s Forgotten Jungle City
° A Ford Generator 1920’S
° Lets Talk Harmonics And Frequencies
° Talking Tesla
° How Long Does A Coil Last?
° Nikola Tesla’s Electric Car
° Hindi Math …. Vedic Math …
° Making A Coil Is A Step At A Time And Other Gizmos And Gadgets

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In a Perfect World cover - 16x9-3pm

In A Perfect World Podcast Blog – 2020-03-17 – Do You Serve A Hamburger With That Shake?

Tonight’s topic: “Do You Serve A Hamburger With That Shake?

° Anteye And Flash Discussed The Oddities Of Daily Life
° Flash Rants About The Two Sided Coin Called The Coronavirus

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Grim Leftovers Podcast Blog – 2020-03-16 – #Biometric #IntelligentLife #Trump #FastRadioBurst #Outbreak

Today’s Show Topics:
° The Biometric Threat
° Astronomers Want Public Funds For Intelligent Life Search
° Trump Threatens To Pull Federal Cannabis Protections
° How To Block The Chrome Software Reporter Tool (software_reporter_tool.exe)
° Fast Radio Burst: A Mysterious Deep Space FRB Is Sending Signals To Earth Every 16 Days
° China Tries 3,000-Year-Old Traditional Remedy On Virus Patients
° Nearly 10K Military Personnel From 110 Nations In Wuhan China Weeks Before Coronavirus Outbreak!
° Human Composting Could Be The Future Of Deathcare
° What Experts Have to Say About the Endocannabinoid System
° What Is The Endocannabinoid System And Anandamide?

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Doge Of War

Behind The Woodshed Blogcaster – March 15, 2020.”

BTWRLM361, Quarantining Civil Liberties, Censulus Again, Constitutions Suspended, To Fall Prey To, Pandemic Reluctance Promo, National Coughing, Aching, Fever Emergency, Intangible Uncertainty, Viral Expectations, New Quarantine Rule, Emergency Gun Confiscation?, Dead Constitution Is No Excuse, Reverse Self-incrimination, Hanging The Jury, 2020 Census, Defective, Dependent, Delinquent Classes, The Faux Foe, PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY, Washington State, Martial District, Dr. Fauci, Trump, Spike Glycoprotein, Furin-like Cleavage, Tbilisi, Richard Lugar Laboratory, Fresnes Prison, Wuhan Wet Market, Beat Infection, Final Rule 70_71, Stafford Act, Maryland SWAT Team, Duncan Lemp RIP, Joshua Schulte, CIA Leaker, Vault 7, Rlog

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