RLM News – September 30th, 2011


FDA's Stealth implementation of Codex Alimentarius will make vitamins illegal drugs at the end of this year, The U.S. Government kills CIA Asset Anwar al Awlaki and claims a huge victory in the war against terrorists – themselves, Ron Paul points out that killing U.S. citizens in this way is murder and that drives the […]

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Ayn Rand Meets Karl Marx – The Spirit of Unity

Quoting from Slavoj Zizek's work, "Living in the End Times", page 290; …What this also means is that before we succumb to bemoaning the "alienating" effect of the fact that "relations between persons" are being replaced by "relations between things," we should keep in mind the opposite, liberating, effect; displacement of the fetishism onto "relations […]

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RLM News – September 29th, 2011


#OccupyWallStreet protests growing and expanding to more cities as cops face growing criticism over their jack-booted fascist thuggery, A Tweet by TheOnion causes some people to freak out, The Federal Reserve wants to know who is being a meanie to them, Anti-Obama signs get a few people upset, Meredith Whitney will still be proven right, […]

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RLM News – September 28th, 2011


Average Americans getting pulverized by economy, Saudi Arabia calls for UN to Recognize Palestinian State, Trust in government at all time low, Mexico buys 110 tons of phantom gold, Merkel lies about Greece to steal more from German people, How U.S. govt kills it's own people, Croc turns Orange, Medical Pot patients have no right […]

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RLM News – September 27th, 2011


Ron Paul would beat Obama according to Harris Poll, Demands survey for #OccupyWallStreet, The Organized Criminal Class does not care about you, Global Economic Collapse is not some little recession, The belief in authority is the root of all evil, Sun Spot AR1302 aiming CME's at Earth Please listen to the recording of today's show […]

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RLM News – September 26th, 2011


IMF Needs to steal billions more from it's member states, France Bans Cash Sales of Silver and Gold, I hope you are prepared for financial Armageddon, The Collapse is coming and Goldman rules the world, Logical Stackers don't worry about silver price fluctuations, ActivistPost.com back on line, CIA Death Squads dump 35 Zetas cartel members […]

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Occupy Wall Street Protests Live


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RLM News – September 23rd, 2011


UARS Coming Home, Nothing has changed in Precious Metals fundamentals – Keep on Stacking, Palestine submits bid for statehood to the U.N as the Zionists froth at the mouth, Net Neutrality coming soon, IRS to fingerprint Tax Preparers, Martial Law Drills in Denver, U.S. Government to shut down, Greece to continue screwing it's people Please […]

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RLM News – September 22nd, 2011


HellFreaks video Boogie Man, World Stock Markets take big dives, Greece continues to screw their people and your country will do the same to you soon, Insiders are NOT buying – they are selling, Crude Oil continues to pour in to the Gulf of Mexico as BP Denies, Debit Card fees about to triple Please […]

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Trivia question: Which presidential candidate has a degree in economics? | Iowa Caucuses

  JENNIFER JACOBS 12:39 PM, Sep 21, 2011 Categories: Caucus Insider All the presidential candidates drill home a message on the economy, economy, economy, economy, arguing that they know how to improve it. Of 11 GOP candidates and the Democrat seeking re-election, which actually earned a degree in economics? Charles “Buddy” Roemer Just one: the little-known […]

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RLM News – September 21st, 2011


Bank Of America Downgraded, Operation Twist under way, Homes being bought by investors, U.S. financially worse off than Greece, Secure Sockets SSL hacked, Gary Johnson to be in Debate, Adam Kokesh case Dismissed, Big Pharma kills more people than auto accidents, Yahoo Censoring #OccupyWallStreet, Obama says screw you Palestine Please listen to the recording of […]

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Wall Street Occupation – Buddy Roemer


Wall Street Occupation – Buddy Roemer

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RLM News – September 20th, 2011


Greece told to tax people more and give them less, China fires first shot in Trade War, IMF says U.S. and Euro are in bad shape, If you are unemployed you wont be hired, Court Wires Defendant with Taser, Vaccine industry using force to poison you, The U.S. Economy is about to be flushed down […]

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RLM News – September 19th, 2011


The growing size and power of The Prison Industrial Complex, NetFlix is sorry, Obama's $3.6 Trillion Deficit Reduction Plan, Ron Paul's Million Dollar Weekend, Neo-Con Knuckleheads, My Views #OccupyWallStreet, California Gun Ban As government grows in size and scope, so does the Prison Industrial Complex. This is a natural side effect of the passing of […]

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RLM News – September 16th, 2011


Suck My Veto Palestine, NFL to start Enhanced Gropings of Brainless Fans, Who are the real terrorists?, ACORN big winner if Obama's Job Act passes, Zombie Malls across America, Blackberry glad to bend over, Federal Reserve using your tax dollars to bail-out Euro Banks, Solyndra is but one of many to go bankrupt after getting […]

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Of Course Gold is Money


The Ben Bernank wont admit that gold is money because it would destroy the fantasy created by his precious Federal Reserve, that debt is money. Debt is not money, it is debt.     Read More …

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RLM News – September 15th, 2011


I'm Ready for the collapse of the fiat money and governmental systems – are you?, Make No Mistake – Europe is collapsing, The Impact of Temporary Global Central Banksters Intervention, Revisit of the Start of Collapse (2008), APMEX Paying Trump in Gold, College Bubble is Bursting, Food coming from the Gulf of Mexico is poison […]

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RLM News – September 14th, 2011


They ARE Watching you, AttackWatch has been launched by the Obamanoids, Obama Blames Bush for Solyndra, Could this be Obama's Watergate – Solargate, America is in poverty at least by American standards, There are fewer jobs every day and I for one think that is a great thing, American Jobs Act is a swindle The […]

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RLM News – September 13th, 2011


Ron Paul destroys the minds of the Neo-Cons by telling the truth, Ron Paul's support doubles, More American's are at poverty level now, Obama's Jobs Act is a $447 Billion re-election tax theft scam, Greeks Riot as their government continues to screw them, Afghani's want the United States out, U.S. Health Department to force New […]

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RLM News – September 12th, 2011


Obama to Unionize Military via Executive Order, Traditional Jobs Becoming Extinct, Bank of America to cut 30,000 More Jobs, Employers using personality tests on job seekers, Corporate Media is pure propaganda, Destroying The USPS to Save It, Creator of TSA calls for it's end According to a report posted on SHTFPlan.com, Obama is planning on […]

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