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In A Perfect World Podcast Blog w Flash & GramZ – 2020-06-09 – A Violence Based Existence

Tonight’s topic: “A Violence Based Existence”

  • Telling Them No
  • Alien Abduction and Other Fun Things
  • Mary Had A Little Trance
  • The Rolling Stones and a Twist On The Beggars Banquet
  • Black Matter, Lives and De-funding The Cops
  • Mary Goes To The Hospitals
  • Cops N’ Robbers
  • Choose Your Battles of Words
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The Freeker’s Ball Podcast Blog – 2020-05-29 – #Rioting #Looting #CivilUnrest #Economy #GangOfMonkeys

Some of the stuff we talked about:

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Grim Leftovers Podcast Blog – 2020-02-03 – #Bankers #Alien #ClimatePolicy #DirtyDiaper #SnappedPenises

Today’s Show Topics:
° Central Bankers Are Quietly Freaking Out About How To Fight The Next Recession
° Former Polish President, Lech Walesa, Warns Of Alien ET Invasion
° Swedes Vote Climate Policy Biggest Waste of Tax Payer Money in 2019
° One Million Moms Slams Burger King For ‘D-Word’ (Damn) In Impossible Burger Commercial
° Pampers New Device Sends You A Notification When Your Kid Has A Dirty Diaper
° Federal Court Rules Cops Can Taser, Choke You Because Trouble Understanding Them is ‘Resistance’
° Drug War-Addicted Cops Raid Hemp Farm, Bulldoze Struggling Farmer’s Million Dollar Crop
° An Ohio City Is Declaring Itself a ‘Crime Victim’ of a False Police Report and Demanding Restitution
° UK: Number of Snapped Penises Hits New Record Because People Are Trying More “Risky” Positions After Watching Porn
° U.S. Alcohol Related Deaths Doubled Over 20 Years

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Grim Leftovers Podcast Blog – 2020-01-13 – #ConspiracyTheorist #PledgeOfAllegiance #ForrestFenn #Rothbard

Today’s Show Topics:
° What Upstanding Citizens Believe Vs. What Crazy Conspiracy Theorists Believe
° Arizona Bill Would Require Students Say Pledge Of Allegiance
° Cop Will Get $57k a Year in Disability for ‘Stress’ of Shooting Unarmed Man in the Back
° Treasure Hunter Lawsuit Accuses Forrest Fenn Of Providing Misleading Clues To Chest Of Gold
° No, Iran Didn’t Attack the US Embassy in Baghdad
° DHS Retreats on Facial Screening of US Citizens
° Cops Proudly Brag About Terrorizing the Poor During Christmas with ‘Homeless Quilt’
° Murray N. Rothbard Books | Mises Institute
° Cargill’s EverSweet GMO Stevia
° N Carolina Couple Call 911 On Roomba Vacuum Thought To Be Intruder

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Grim Leftovers Podcast Blog – 2019-10-21 – #Ayurveda #Ashwagandha #Windows7 #Pandemic #ClimateChange

Today’s Show Topics:
° Ayurveda Medicinal herb – Ashwagandha
° 12 Proven Health Benefits of Ashwagandha
° New Apple, The Cosmic Crisp, Soon To Debut At Grocery Stores First Ever Bred In Washington
° Windows 7 Pro Gets Nag Patch KB4524752 With A Couple Of Eerily Familiar Registry Keys
° This Company Will Pay You $1,300 To Watch 13 Classic Horror Movies By Halloween
° Victory! Individuals Can Force Government to Purge Records of Their First Amendment Activity
° Plague Inc. in Action? New Pandemic May Kill 80 Million People Across the Globe, Report Warns
° Home Depot And Lowe’s Accused Of Scanning Millions Of Customers Faces
° Aussie Cops Now Confiscate Loose Coins From Cars, Because “Safety”
° 9 Ways We Know Humans Triggered Climate Change (Propaganda)
° German Court Rules That Hangovers Are An Illness… Days After Oktoberfest

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Twenty Percent Off! Podcast – 2019-08-15 – Is This The Road To Hamlet?”

Tonight’s topic: “Is This The Road To Hamlet?”

° The Wayseers Manifesto
° Lovin’ Some Cop!
° Donate to Real Liberty Media –

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Twenty Percent Off! Podcast Blog – 2019-07-11 – The New Way Is A Lost Cause”

Tonight’s topic: “The New Way Is A Lost Cause

° Donate to Real Liberty Media –
° The Power of State…
° Meet Your Strawman
° The Cops Have No Duty To Protect The Citizen

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The Dork Table Podcast Blog – 2019-06-29 – Who Loves the Cops? w Flash & VinE

Today’s Show Topics:
° “Who Loves the Cops?”
° Police Decline
° Retarded Donald Trump…
° VinE explains what will happens when the power goes out
° Rust Remover
° A squirrel on METH…

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Grim Leftovers Podcast Blog – 2019-06-24 – #TeamViewer #AlienLife #GettingHigh #ProbableCause #Runes

This Episode’s Topics:
° Report Reveals TeamViewer Was Breached By Chinese Hackers In 2016
° The Fast Remote Desktop Application – AnyDesk
° Truckers Face Years in Prison for Transporting LEGAL Hemp Because of Cops ‘Just Doing Their Jobs’
° US Navy wants to create archive of 350 BILLION social media posts for ‘research’ purposes
° Scientists: Pluto May be Hiding Alien Life in Buried Oceans
° Scientists Have Created a Sound So Loud It Can Vaporize Water on Contact
° Half A Million Canadians Are Getting High at Work, According to New Report
° A Sniff by a Pot-Detecting Dog Requires Probable Cause and Does Not Justify a Search, Says Colorado Supreme Court
° Swedes up in arms as govt mulls potential ban on ancient ‘Nazi’ runes
° The World is Getting Increasingly Dumber, Study Finds
° Test Your Garden Soil With This Easy Do It Yourself Kit
° ‘Felt like I was tripping on LSD’: Repairman accidentally dosed while repairing hippie-era synth

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The Dork Table Podcast Blog – 2019-06-22 – Do you blame “Them” for your problems?

Today’s Show Topics:
° “Do you blame “Them” for your problems?”
° 42 U.S. Code § 1983 – Civil action for deprivation of rights
° Nieves v. Bartlett
° Oregon State Police confirmed to KATU that Saturday’s session was called off.
° If the crickets won’t sing, let a Flock of Seagulls do it. You can’t run away. Beware the Seagull, they eat crickets and locusts and such-like.
° Emergency Rescue Rigger Belt
° The Khazars Kingdom, Gog and Magog, Jewish Khazars
° Cops Can Now Arrest You If You Trigger Them – Supreme Court Ruling

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Grim Leftovers Podcast Blog – 2019-06-10 – #SovereignCitizens #Vikings #ElectricVehicles #Monsanto

This Episode’s Topics:
° What cops need to know about sovereign citizen encounters
° Swedish Museum Accelerates Their Cultural Collapse By Turning Viking Artifacts Into Scrap Metal
° 7 Surprising Elderberries Benefits
° States Start Hitting America’s Electric Drivers With Higher Fees
° Treasure Hunter Believes He’s Solved Longstanding ‘Fenn’s Gold’ Mystery
° Bayer says Monsanto likely kept files on influential people across Europe
° Amazon offers employees $10K and 3 months’ pay to start their own delivery businesses
° Using Scientific Trickery To Push Climate Alarmism

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Grim Leftovers Podcast Blog – 2019-06-03 – #MassVaccinationDrills #Bananas #OrangeJuice #Monsanto #DNA

This Episode’s Topics:
° NY counties conducting mass vaccination drills
° Pompeo: Helping Saudis Attack Yemen Is In America’s Best Interests
° The banana industry is under threat because of Panama disease
° Digital rollbacks: Millions of cars have false mileage on odometers
° Five major orange juice brands found to be laced with cancer-linked Monsanto chemical
° US searches of phones, laptops at airports rising, suit says
° Psychedelic shrooms officially labelled as the safest recreational drug
° 4 Free Anonymous Web Browsers That Are Completely Private
° Cops Sexually Abuse Women and Children at an Alarming Rate and No One is Talking About It


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Grim Leftovers Podcast Blog – 2019-05-27 – #FacialRecognition #IMF #SassyBots #Apple #Beer #BakingSoda

This Episode’s Topics:
° US wants to use facial recognition on air travelers leaving the country
° “It Should Be Illegal”: Use of Facial Recognition at Airports Draws Anger
° IMF Spring Meetings: Digital Money Is Imminent, But No Decentralization in Sight
° China destroys sassy bots after they bash communism
° Teen sues Apple for $1 billion, claims in-store AI led to his wrongful arrest
° ‘Don’t mess with our beers’: outrage in Mexico over motion to ban sale of cold beer
° 11 Amazing Health Benefits and Uses of Baking Soda
° Cops Open Fire on Pickup Truck Full of Children, Shooting 3 of Them, One in the Head
° Aliens are Breeding with Humans Because of Climate Change
° Hemp and Cannabis Can Save the World ~v.easleyii

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Twenty Percent Off! Podcast Blog – 2019-02-07 – w Flash – I’m a Foreigner Now

° Tonight Flash reminded the folks about the RLM fun razor to keep the servers fed, then took off down memory lane chatting about partnerships the importance of keeping life simple.
° Then pitched another out of the box thinker on youtube named Jerry Day for his insight on finance and government.
° Flash closed up with a comment or two about the disappointment of war and how easily it can be fixed if we lived in what is true instead of what we want to be true.

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In A Perfect World Podcast Blog w Flash – 2019-01-15 – All Systems Go! Check That, We Have An Anomaly!

Flash was cruising along, doing his show just fine, when suddenly at the 1 hour mark, his headset died on him.

He will be back next week with a new headset and a full show.

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Grammy Mary

Grammy’s Rocket Chair Podcast Blog – 2018-08-29 – #Canola #CDC #Cops #FakeNews #Fasting #FDA #Monsatan (grammysrocketchair): Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:57:31 — 23.1MB) | EmbedSubscribe: Android | Email | RSS Grammy’s Rocket Chair – Happy WHACK-A-DOODLE Wednesday! Oh the Choices We Make……. on a Daily Basis! What to Wear, What to Put into Your Body, Who to Trust……. Who to Trust…………… Do you Trust Yourself…… Your […]

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The Freeker’s Ball Podcast: 2018-05-11 – #SpyWare #OldestMan #Cops #Israel #Iran #WWE #BestWeed (freekersball): Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:29:31 — 21.2MB) | EmbedSubscribe: Android | Email | RSSWell, we got the show started a bit late due some technical issues on my end. But, once we got rolling it went very well. Moosegurl’s twin sons will be turning 18 this coming week and then […]

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Internet Biometric ID

RLM News Show Podcast Blog – April 29, 2014 Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:00:46 — 17.4MB) | EmbedSubscribe: Android | Email | RSSThese are the links to the stories covered on the RLM News Show April 29, 2014 Congress passes the most significant open government reform in half a century Governments urge Internet Explorer users to switch browsers until fix […]

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RLM News Show Podcast Blog – March 13, 2014 Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:01:06 — 17.5MB) | EmbedSubscribe: Android | Email | RSSThese are the links to the stories covered on the RLM News Show March 13, 2014 NYC trader suicide becomes 11th this year in financial community — RT USA Consumer Stocks Back from the Dead Deluded Currency Cultists […]

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Behind The Woodshed Blogcaster – March 9, 2014. Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:59:47 — 35.1MB) | EmbedSubscribe: Android | Email | RSSAt the Situationally Aware Action Oriented Intelligence Center Of Evolutionary Engagement Here are the Links from this broadcast: Living In A Terrortory When Essential KnowledgeThe G.IST.Government IS Terrorism Linking Action – This Website Would Be A Crime . […]

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