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Grim Leftovers Podcast Blog – 2020-05-11 – #Covid19 #EnslavementPlan #BillGates #Chemtrails #Farts

Today’s Show Topics:
° Akamai, Amazon, Netflix, Microsoft, and Google Join Internet Routing Security Effort
° Panopticon Rising: Covid19, And The Elite Enslavement Plan
° Police App Encourages People To Report Neighbors Who Violate Stay At Home Orders
° COVID-19 A Tale of Coincidences
° Ookla 5G Map – Tracking 5G Network Rollouts Around the World
° An AI Can Read Words In Brain Signals – Eavesdropping
° Do You Trust This Man? Bill Gates Says Chemtrails Are Good For Us
° Pandemic Accelerating Robot Takeover, Fueling Unemployment Crisis
° Coronavirus Economy Plans Are Clear: No Return To Normal In 2020
° Doctor Says Coronavirus ‘Could Spread Through Farts’ – But Experts Think It’s ‘Unlikely’

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