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Behind The Woodshed Blogcaster – May 8, 2022


Ziocietal Tentacles, You Are Warned, Direct Economic War, DEW Weapons, Offended Liver Sausage, Ziopocrisy Ziodeceit, Polish Ukraine Dismemberment, Corruption Industrial Complex, Civil War Drumming, Cut Nose Spite Face, Outwit Nitwits, Rlog, BTWRLM472, Food Shortages, TRUCKING INSIDER, Russian Envoy, German Parliament, Lavrov, Italian TV, Zelensky, Nazi elements, Ukraine, Poland, Jewish, Zionism, Sergei Lavrov, Israeli Mercenaries, Jankowicz, Infiltrated, US Education, Dismemberment, @GonzaloLira1968, War Machine, Shoot Burglars, Taxpayer Money, Gun Control, Croats, Danes, Dutch, French, Rosatom, Nuclear Power, Magpies, @CristianTerhes, @mislavkolakusic, @Justin Trudeau, Dictatorship

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