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Behind The Woodshed Blogcaster – April 5, 2020.

Prevention Is The Cure, Quarantine Caution, Sweden Works, Indefinite Common Cold Quarantine, Asymptomatic Guilt, Infection Injection, AI Conviction, Multi-dimensional Harm, Hindsight 2020 Is Not Déjà Vu, Food Shortages Timetable, Model UNreliance, Historic Failure, Military Quarantine Guards, Exploit Any Crisis, Dear Edna, Sweden, Fauci, China, Human-to-Human, Infection, Oil Industry, World Economic Forum, Swine Flu Fiasco, Baxter International, Biological Weapon, Ukraine, FEMA/DHS, National Sabotage, National Guard, Medical Mission, Reasonable Excuse, Corona Coup, NetanYahoo, Secret Trove, Cellphone Data, Hong Kong, Bill Gates, Sociopaths, Vaccine Certificates, Beer Virus Hangover

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