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Grammy’s Rocket Chair Podcast Blog – 2019-07-31 – #HisStory #PettyTyrants #PrettyFiction #Facts #Truth

Well, at least it was one for the His-Story Books….. if I ever get around to writing one. Speaking of His-Story….. I’m sure, by now, that Most of You “Know” that it’s written by The Winners….. or at least those that Declare Themselves the Winners. I’m sure you’ve also figured out that there Are Actual “Facts” written into said His-Story but the Perspective they are given to you with, has Such a Slant to it that they’ve all rolled into a Big Pile of Shat and if You want to get Any Truth, You’re gonna have to Dig In, Clean Them Off and Figure Out HOW to Arrange what you find in the Proper Order….. a.k.a. Connect the Dots. It’s Dirty Work….. Not for the Faint of Heart…… but Well Worth the Effort!

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