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Behind The Woodshed Blogcaster – June 16, 2024

Infringement Has Remedy, Foreign Imposition, Form 4473, We’re All Abused, Unrealized Losses, Digital Fascisma, Technocrat Utopia, No Good Deed, Ultra Processing, Health Insecurities, Legal Criminals, Rlog, BTWRLM581, Democracy, Hypocrisy, Hunter, Verdict, ATF, Form 4473, National Instant Criminal Background Check, Presumption of Innocence, 2nd Amendment, Title 18, United States Code, The American Law Institute, Abused, Like, Donald Trump, Amazon, Execs, Personally, Liable, Prime, Sign-ups, Unrealized Losses, US, Banking System, FDIC, Brink, Insolvency, Speed, Cameras, Atlanta, Fraud, Extortion, Thousands, Californians, Lose, Jobs, Thanks, Newsom, PR Disaster, Microsoft, Total Recall, Hacker, Tool, Extracts, Data, Recall AI, Yellen, significant risks, AI, Finance, Hackers, Steal, $305M, DMM, Bitcoin, Crypto, Exchange, 3B, Personal Records, Stolen, Background, Check, Firm, Law, Student, Unfairly Disciplined, Breach, Blunder, Deny, Denounce, Delay,Ultra-processed, Foods, Battle, Google’s AI, Stupid, Feeds, Onion, Samsung, Independent, Repair, Shops, Share, Customer Data, Snitch, Disassemble, Private Phones, Britain, Tainted, Blood, Scandal, Killed, Thousands, HIV, Hepatitis, Circuit Court of Appeals, COVID-19, mRNA, Jab, NOT a Vaccine, Atlanta, Prosecutor, Jailed, Stealing, $15m, Covid, Funds, Australian, DNA, CONTAMINATION, Confirmed, Pfizer, Moderna, NOT safe, Humans

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Behind The Woodshed Blogcaster – June 2, 2024

Glowing End, Face Saving Questions, Cracking Impunity, Token Masters, Disinformation Lies, Covid Killers, Veteran Contamination, Nuclear Fallout, Rlog, BTWRLM579, Facial Recognition, TSA, Opt Out, American, National, Why?, Raisi, Helicopter, Probe, Questions, Israel, Denies, Why?, ICC, Prosecutor, Arrest Warrants, Netanyahu, Biden, Blinken, Outrageous, ICJ, Israel, Rafah, EU, Sanctions, Non-Compliance, Mossad, Spy, Threats, Mafia, Derecognize, Israel, SEC, Ethereum, ETFs, BlackRock, Fidelity, X Policy, Government ID, Israeli, Verification, Queensland, Tribunal, X, Liable, Hate Speech, California, Online, Digital ID, Social Media, Disinformation, Governance, Board, Definition, Ambiguity, Wiley, Trust The Science, Retracted, 11K, Peer Reviewed, Papers, WHO, Killed, 13 million, Symptoms, Covid, Covid-19, U.S. Government, Cartel, Paid, CVS, Walgreens, Billions, Reject, Ivermectin, Pandemic, Treaty, Falters, Veterans, Sickened, Radiation, Area 52, Denied, Health, Benefits, Australian, Waste, Companies, Recycled, Contamination, Ex-RAF, Copter, Pilots, Sue, UK, Defense Ministry, Cancer-Causing, Agents, Safer, Cleaner, Water, Cost, Americans, Triple, PFAS, Companies, Immune, Minsk, Suspend, CFE Treaty, National Security, Nuclear, Threats, U.S., Limited, Nuclear, Conflict, Russia, China, Insanity, Trump, Bomb, Moscow, Beijing, Denial, Ukraine, Admission, #TagTheme

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Behind The Woodshed Blogcaster – Oct 08, 2023


Revenge Appropriations, Historic Ouster, Bleed Ukraine, The Losing Battle, Zio-Nazi Fail, Health Care Resistance, Moron This, Not Infallible Inquisitors, Uniworld Order, Trumping Right To Bear, Meat Grinder Massacre, Real Globalization, Big Data Deals, Rlog, BTWRLM545, Kevin McCarthy, Ousted, House Speaker, Historic Vote, Bleed Ukraine Dry, Problems Funding, White House, Western Idiots, World War III, Western, Worldwide, Pillage, Plunder, Nuclear War, Russian Shaman, Chervona Kalyna, Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, NAZI, Netanyahu, Jews Spitting, Christian Pilgrims, Resistant Infections, Historic, Healthcare Walkout, Nobel Prize, mRNA, Morons, ThereIsNoVaxx, EU, Carbon, Border Tax, Canada, Import, Russian Goods, Vodka, Russell Brand, Geofence Warrants, Eyeball Scanning, Global Digital ID, Worldcoin, Social Welfare, Journalists, Government Spying, Regulate Streaming, Podcasts, World Bank, Claudia Sheinbaum, Nobel Laureate, Mexico, Mexican, Demon Doll, Trump, Federal, Gun Laws, Dishonest, Prosecutor, Right To Bear, North Korea, Ukraine, Money Laundering, Meat Grinder, Us, Troops, Russia, Slavic, Fraternal War, Zelensky, Hire ISIS, Beijing, Globalism, Nigeria, Cancels, CBDC, Privacy Laws, ChatGPT, Unrestricted, Unmoderated, US Army, Social Media, Monitoring, Crackdown

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