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Twenty Percent Off! Podcast Blog – 2019-05-09 – I refuse to listen!

Tonight’s topic: “I refuse to listen!”

° Tattoos for voters, is a new idea has to cure folks of voting.
° The fed or is it fudd, plays dumb about weed like they will about 5G in the not too distant future.
° The State assumes your ignorance and gives you a Strawman.

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Grammy Mary
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Grammy’s Rocket Chair Podcast Blog – 2018-10-19 – #5g #BigPharma #CBD #CDC #DEA #FluFraud #InfraredLED

All I can say about tonight’s show is that it’s getting More & More Obvious that the Only Things We are “Given” is what Benefits “The System” and “The Leeches That Be” (TLTB)…… Everything Else, such as Truthful Information about Nature, Products, Services, History, Other People & Places and The System Itself, WE are going to have to Role Up Our Mental and Physical Sleeves & Dig thru the Mud & Muck to Find It!

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