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Behind The Woodshed Blogcaster – Feb. 21, 2021.


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The Freeker’s Ball Podcast Blog – 2020-11-13 – #PublicHealthOrders #Testing #MentalIllness #DarkWinter

Some of the stuff we talked about:

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Grim Leftovers Podcast Blog – 2019-05-13 – #Measles #Porn #Amazon #SPLC #Trump #Pipelines #Facebook

This Episode’s Topics:
° Government Research Confirms Measles Outbreaks Are Transmitted By The Vaccinated
° Men Who Watch Porn Are More Likely to See Women as Equals
° Thousands of Amazon Employees Listening to Alexa Conversations
° The Admission That SPLC’s ‘Hate Group’ False Accusation is a Scam Opens the Southern Poverty Law Center to Defamation Claims.
° Trump Signs Executive Orders Giving Himself “Sole Approval” on Pipelines
° Facebook plans to pass your photographs to advertisers and make users the stars of online ads
° Doctors Discover Live Bees Feeding on Tears Inside Woman’s Eye

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