Freeker’s Ball – New Years Eve 2013 Prediction Show

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Freeker’s Ball – 2013 Prediction Show

On December 28th, 2012 at 11:00 PM Eastern the weekly show on Real Liberty Media (RLM) on Channel 3 was aired with your hosts Grimnir and Moosegurl.
This was the 3rd annual predictions for the next year show. During the show, we received many predictions for 2013 in the chat room.

Top 10 Predictions for 2013
Top 10 Predictions for 2013

At the end of 2013, we will do another predictions show for 2014 and we will review the predictions listed below to see how accurate we all were.
It was a very fun show and we had a great time doing it. The audio podcast of the show is embedded at the top of this post.

For anyone reading this that is unfamiliar with IRC (Internet Relay Chat) and are wondering why the funny names people have, they are just nicknames that people give themselves when using IRC.

OK, On to the predictions. The predictions are numbered in the order they were received.

This Years Predictions:

  1. Frieden – There will be considerable violence in the Midwest and northeast.
  2. Christine – Martial Law will be imposed in at least 2 major U.S. Cities.
  3. Grimnir – Romes is going to lose alot of sleep this year.
  4. Asmo – I predict that I will be unemployed at some point during the year.
  5. DeeThrowner – My prediction for 2013 is that the purpose of chemtrails will be revealed as something good for us and they will produce results from some botched study to say geoengineering will save the earths atmosphere. It will all be crap!
  6. Asmo – I predict I will survive the year, but barely.
  7. DeeThrowner – I predict Jesse Ventura will suffer some sort of “unexplained” health problems in 2013.
  8. Ravenlett – I predict that Asmo will get the job position that he put in for due opening of the new companies eyes.
  9. Ravenlett – i predict that Asmo and i will win big on the lottery and he will tell the new company to go pound salt.
  10. Ravenlett – i predict that the chair of bowlies will no longer be hanging on the edge but will have fallen
  11. Beth-Z – predicts Christopher Hitchens won’t come back and tell us there IS a god!
  12. Grimnir – Silver will hit $70 an ounce and the gold silver ratio will be under 40:1
  13. Beth-Z – 2750 for gold
  14. Beth-Z – I predict Cheney’s batteries will finally fail in 2013
  15. Moosegurl – Weed will be legalized in 10 more states.
  16. Moosegurl – Milk will go above $7
  17. Grimnir – I will have an Out Of Body Experience
  18. queite – Bradley Manning will be convicted of lesser charges & released on time served in 2013.
  19. Beth-Z – Same shit, new year
  20. Beatle – a 10.0 Earthquake
  21. Beth-Z (added 1/23/2013) – Rockefeller will die this year

Last Years Predictions:

(if there is a “+” preceding a line, that means it was correct, or a hit, a “-” means incorrect or a miss.)
– A US Battleship will be sunk in the middle east – this will of course be a false flag event
– London will be the first city in Europe to go on “lock down”
– Flying zombie monkeys will descend from their moon base with a voracious appetite for anyone in a government uniform
+ At least one cop will kill at least one occupy protester
– There will be a (phony) pandemic scare, probably bird flu
+ MINI will Finally be road ready (MINI is Beatle’s Urban Assault Vehicle RV Project)
– 4 Atlantic Hurricanes of class 4 or higher
– There will be a major and catastrophic Solar event
+ The world WILL NOT END on Dec 21, 2012!
– If Ron Paul doesn’t win Iowa, there will be a huge uproar!
– Beatle will predict a 12.0 Earthquake
– Many millions, maybe billions will protest WAR with Iran but they’ll beat the drums harder than they did for Iraq
– Grimnir wins 2012 predictions
– Gold will go over $2350 (lol)
+ Beth-Z will enter the new year before everyone in the chat
+ Cheney’s ticker will stop ticking
– Silver will go over $50
+ 4 more years of BO
+ Silver will *not* break $50 in 2012.
– Gold will go over $2420
– Biden will step down and the D ticket will be Obama/Clinton
– Bank of America will be sold to the us government
– Romney will name Condoleezza Rice as his running mate
+ TX will introduce a bill establishing term-limits for the office of governor
+ Ron Paul wins Iowa & new Hampshire
– Silver hits 50 dollar an oz by June 1st, 2011
+ Obama’s birth place and birth certificate never resolved
– Anarcho-capitalism and free markets take foothold in US in 2012
– In 2012 Mars really does attack!!!!!
– Hydrogen fuel and hemp markets are opened up in USA
– 2012 known for year of electric motorcycle
+ Chelsea Clinton positioned in NWO scheme at top levels as cocktail girl
– queite’s prediction about silver is off due to world crisis
+ Time ran out in 2012
+ 2012 The sleeping giant awakes from its slumber and its pissed off!!!!!
+ Dick Cheney is kept alive another year
+ Frankenfoods remain in USA
+ Amerika will look more Nazi Germany by the end of 2012
– Ron Paul will be nominated by the GOP and defeat Barack Obama in the general election.
– The occupy movement will become violent leading up to the election and become a major liability for the democratic party.
– A US ship will be sunk and blamed on Iran.
– Dow Jones Industrial Average Stock market drops to 7500 by August.
– Youth in China will continue to revolt and will rise to take control of the country.
+ They WILL steal Iowa and New Hampshire results and it will be obvious. People will be really mad and talk about it a lot with lots of facts to back it up. Nothing will be done about it
– Virginia’s Attorney General will somehow come up with a way to allow Bachmann, Perry, and maybe Santorum on the ballot if he is reported well in Iowa. Grinch will be left out in the cold since he is too broke to pay the lawyer and falling like a fucked eagle.
+ No matter how the presidential election results are reported, there will be HUGE changes in this country. Either Paul wins and Xmas is actually more peaceful or he doesn’t and the people recognize it is time to ignore all of the govs.
+ President Ron Paul will not run third party
+ Ron Paul will not hit $6 million tonight because his supporters want to send him the message to keep the purse as tight as possible
+ Same old shit different year digits.
+ Asmo will be drunk at 12:01 ET.
– Ditto on last years predictions.
+ Windows 8 will be released and flop driving more people to apple and Linux
– Gas will hit an average price of $5 or more in 2012
– SOPA will be watered down just a bit but will still pass
+ The Mayans were wrong
+ The History Channel will do a show about 2012, the Mayans, and ancient aliens
+ Life will be a chair full of bowlies with one leg missing and teetering on the edge of a cliff.
+ My life is going to change in an unexpected way
+ We will all live until we die lol except for Asmo he will be zombiefied lol
+ Asmo will buy more guns that i will bitch about lol
– Preppers will be widely looked for to teach how to live in this messed up world
+ I will still be broke this time next year…
+ Liberty will be more important and more talked about
+ The Mayans were right, but nobody knows what the hell they were talking about
+ Foreign troops, could be just practice, in USA
+ Folks that like guns get more ammo
– The U.S. Dollar and the Euro will fail
– America will descend into civil war.
+ 2012 will be interesting as far as politics go and harder than 2011
+ The Internet kill switch will be used in 2012.
+ It will rain at least once in your area this year

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