Freeker’s Ball – New Years Eve 2015 Prediction Show

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Freeker’s Ball – 2015 Prediction Show

On December 31st, 2015 at 11:00 PM Eastern the weekly show on Real Liberty Media (RLM) on Channel 3 was aired with your hosts Grimnir and Moosegurl.
This was the 5th annual predictions for the next year show. We took predictions from the audience in the Chat Room and on the phone.

2015 PredictionsAt the end of 2016, we will do another predictions show for 2017 and we will review the predictions listed below to see how accurate we all were.
It was a very fun show and we had a great time doing it. The audio podcast of the show is embedded at the top of this post.

For anyone reading this that is unfamiliar with IRC (Internet Relay Chat) and are wondering why the funny names people have, they are just nicknames that people give themselves when using IRC.

OK, On to the predictions.

This Years Predictions:

  1. THE_Atrax – I predict Flash Somebody will burst a blood vessel in his eye trying to get his headset up his ass to do radio time on This Is No Time For Rational Thinking on World Truth Radio/ channel 9!
  2. FreeNslaved – Obama ends up in third term
  3. FreeNslaved – In 2016 Dick Chaney and George Bush Sr. both pass on an odd numbered day, each early in the beginning of the month
  4. FreeNslaved – In 2016 many people will be singing the blues and dancing to gloom and doom
    moosegurl Hilary Clinton will be POTUS. It is never an election, it is a SELECTION that has already been determined
  5. FreeNslaved – Hillary becomes president as planned and tax freedom day pushed closer toward Thanksgiving as I predicted in the past
  6. FreeNslaved – In 2016 super storms and extreme weather in the USA will be the new norm
  7. FreeNslaved – Biological agents lost by the CDC turn up in the most inconvenient way, A good zombie movie always tells you the story about the very first person exposed to the agent or strain.
  8. Grimnir – Something so disturbing about the Coca-Cola company will be revealed that even the sheeple will turn away from them, driving Coca-Cola to bankruptcy
  9. Beth-Z – Rubio gets Rep. Nomination
  10. Beth-Z – Whitney Houston will appear on stage.
  11. Beth-Z – Dick Cheney’s bust will get gum wads on it
  12. The_ATRAX – As far the environment goes the methane leak in California will be the biggest disaster
  13. The_ATRAX – Jerry brown implemets a policy of a gas free zone in the methane area which work fine until a cop tazers a citizen and ignite sacaramento for trying to water his lawn.
  14. The_ATRAX – A statewide ban of all open sparks in California
  15. The_ATRAX – An army of Dick Cheney clones will break lose near Moriarty, NM which will cause panic until they make eye contact with each other in sunlight and they start eating each other.
  16. The_ATRAX – The Syrian city of Homs will be taken by an army of Mormon missionarys. 3 weeks later it will be announced that Syria is the new Mormon Zion.
  17. The_ATRAX – It will be revealed that Donald Trump is the love child of Zbignew Bryzinski and Yul Brenner.
  18. The_ATRAX – Elon Musk and Tom Petty will announce a partnership to to save the planet through an energy program that uses a home battery power system running off of sunlight, sideburn trimmings and kickass bass riffs. The company is called TTP Tesla-Tom-Petty Inc. and will make 17 Trillion in proftis and They will create coins called Petty Cash which are 2.5 of .999 gold.
  19. Grammy – Hillary Clinton will be indicted for something but nothing will happen to her.
  20. Grammy – Hillary will get Democrat nomination but will not win the general election.
  21. Grammy – There will be an economic collapse and the shit will hit the fan.
  22. Spacewolf bitcoin will go up over $800 in 2016
  23. anti-Hen Hillary will be President
  24. Grimnir – John McAfee will be president!
  25. Grimnir – Marijuana will NOT be legalized in New Mexico
  26. JuanaTaco – Larken Rose’s The Mirror project will be exceptional in exhibiting what an individual advocates based on interactive interview questions.
  27. THE_Atrax – Japan will market a toilet paper that giggles and shoots glitter when you wipe.

Last Years Predictions:
(if there is a “Y” preceding a line, that means it was correct, or a hit, a “N” means incorrect or a miss .)

Y – Paul Rogers: More uprisings, revolution, awakening against the financial elitists
N- Christine: Psychic impression that there will be a famous historical/monumental building that collapses to the ground and will make world news.
N – mirribee: in reference to Christine’s prediction: maybe the leaning tower of pisa is going to crumble?
Y – Frieden: Deaths by violence in America will more than double in 2015
Y – Frieden: Grimnir is completely wrong regarding his prediction regarding his demise in 2015. Grimnir will be with us and reading this at the end of 2015.
Y – Grimnir: a lot more people will be killed by cops in 2015 than in 2014
N – Grimnir: I will be dead before the end 2015
Y – FreeNslaved: silver at 15 dollars new years eve
Y – Beth-Z: Cheney’s heart will keep on tickin’
Y – FreeNslaved: 2015 all out war
N – FreeNslaved: The Main Stream media will destroy Rand Paul but a few more people will wake up in an agonizing process which ultimately fails because of too little too late.
Y – CowboyTech: crap will happen! 🙂
Y – Beth-Z: Oprah will back Hillary (b/c she’s a woman < she won’t say the last bit)
Y – banjovy: increased false-flag cybercrime and hacking will lead to sweeping government legislation against it
N – anti-Hen: Oil up over $110 a barrel
Y – anti-Hen: more quantitative easing either via printing fiat or bail ins
Y – anti-Hen: Dow higher than ever due to quantitative easing
Y – anti-Hen: inflation will double
Y – anti-Hen: Iran and North Korea will not be invaded
N – JuanaTaco In 2015 people will not be able to delegate to someone else a right (or even an apple) they do not already have themself.
Y – FreeNslaved Beatle will have mini completed in 2015

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