Freeker’s Ball – New Years Eve 2016 Prediction Show

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Freeker’s Ball – 2016 Prediction Show

On December 30th, 2016 at 11:00 PM Eastern the weekly show on Real Liberty Media (RLM) on Channel 1 was aired with your hosts Grimnir and Moosegurl.
This was the 6th annual predictions for the next year show. We took predictions from the audience in the Chat Room and on the phone.

At the end of 2017, we will do another predictions show for 2018 and we will review the predictions listed below to see how accurate we all were.
It was a very fun show and we had a great time doing it. The audio podcast of the show is embedded at the top of this post.

For anyone reading this that is unfamiliar with IRC (Internet Relay Chat) and are wondering why the funny names people have, they are just nicknames that people give themselves when using IRC.

OK, On to the predictions.

This Years Predictions:
====================== Real/Serious Predictions for 2017 ==================================

  1. FreeNslaved – the prediction show will go on
  2. s0ckpuppet – GramZ will drop an F-Bomb during her broadcast..always
  3. Grimnir – bitcoin will hit $1000
  4. Grimnir – Global temperatures in 2017 will be colder than the last 10 years and the global warming pussies will whine about that and make up new reasons as to why colder global temperatures are still global warming.
  5. FreeNslaved – Trump will remove 25 percent of Obama executive orders in the first 100 days
  6. FreeNslaved – my house finally being done by April 1st and on market after that
  7. FreeNslaved – Largest solar flare in years strikes our planet in 2017 causing real problems
  8. Grimnir – Meisterbrau will smoke weed again
  9. FreeNslaved – Carrie Fisher will be replaced in star wars movies like the 3 Darren Stevens on Bewitched
  10. FreeNslaved – The USA will have a major volcano go active in 2017 and California will have 8.0 quake early on in year
  11. FreeNslaved – The dollar makes it through 2017 once again
  12. FreeNslaved – Beatle makes it through entire year with new GF
  13. Mirriebee – Some one is going to take a pot shot at the Don
  14. robwerks – nothing much will change
  15. FreeNslaved – In 2017 men will loose even more rights to woman making it scales of equality in the woman’s favor.
  16. andaPBnewyr – 2017 pbunyan will find out he is going to be a pappy.
  17. cloe – By this time next year Trump will have pissed off Putin. BROMANCE DEAD!
  18. Spacewolf – Oasis will reunite and go on tour
  19. andaPBnewyr – a slow fire season for 2017
  20. Spacewolf – The EU will lose another member country
  21. Meisterbrau – Bitcoin hits $1400 USD in 2017
  22. FreeNslaved – Mirriebee will write a best seller in 2017
  23. mexiCANT – Michael Obama will go to work at Monsantan, and #2 Bill Clinton will die, probably in a plane crash,
  24. Meisterbrau – Hillary Clinton will be brought up on felony charges of FOIA violations for public officer and laws that exist on the books
  25. FREEkinVinE – more protests and further abuse
  26. mexiCANT – Giant false flag jan 1st 2017
  27. Vince Easley – Michelle Obama will go to work for Monsanto
  28. Vince Easley – Bill Clinton will die in 2017, probably in a plane crash.
  29. Vince Easley – More protests against tyranny.
  30. FREEkinVinE – More bankster deaths, some by accidental suicide
  31. anti-Hen – George Bush snr will kick the bucket.
  32. andaPBnewyr – George Soros dies in 2017
  33. FREEkinVinE – giant hail stones (bigger than a softball)
  34. FREEkinVinE – Chelsea get’s prego
  35. anti-Hen – China will get another US drone of some type that the US will want back.
  36. JDredd – The Dow will break 20,000 in 2017
  37. anti-Hen – The price of oil will be between USD $70-80 PB by the end of 2017
  38. JDredd – Hillary Clinton wil die in 2017
  39. JDredd – Demon_Atrax will take up ranching because he needs the fresh air and exercise .
  40. mexiCANT – Not 1 of my many music requests for Freakers Ball ever get played 2017
  41. robwerks – Hans will eat crow
  42. Jdredd – Istanbul will be renamed back to Constantinople
  43. robwerks – JDredd will cry when datrump betrays him
  44. Demon_Atrax – Cannabis cultivators will patent a mango/cannabis hybrid.

================ Goofy/Humorous Predictions for 2017 ==============

  1. Demon_Atrax – Kim kardashians ass will explode
  2. Demon_Atrax – Surly will get married to his longtime companion and lover, Chi’en Sum Goy
  3. DevTwo – BarMan will record this prediction
  4. FREEkinVinE – Trump and Putin will cross streams after a night of Vodka
  5. Demon_Atrax – The secret clone army of Grimnir will break out of the secret biotech lab near Moriarity, New Mexico and head straight to Casper Wyoming to dis-embowel and eat Dick Cheney and his pig heart.
  6. Demon_Atrax – Donald Trump’s hairpeice will become sentient and turn the house of representatives into an ACTUAL whorehouse, and single handedly solve the national debt crisis.
  7. Demon_Atrax – Donald Trump, in an attempt to prove his loyalty to his jew masters will travel to Tel-Aviv and fellate Bibi Netanyahu on a global telecast.
  8. Demon_Atrax Moosegurl – will have Tom Petty’s love child. A giant legal battle will ensue over who own the rights to ‘I Won’t Back Down’.
  9. Demon_Atrax – The traditional Norwegian dish known as Ludafisk will be re-named Hillary Kippers.
  10. mexiCANT – Grimnir gets alien abducted brutally probed and doesnt remember it …. again
  11. mexiCANT – Grimnir’s moobs will get bigger and Moose’s will get smaller 2017
  12. mexiCANT – Moosegurl officially loses her hockey mom MILF status
  13. JDredd – robwerks will run out of pharmaceuticals and be forced to face reality i n 2017


Last Years Predictions:
(if there is a “Y” preceding a line, that means it was correct, or a hit, a “N” means incorrect or a miss .)

N – THE_Atrax – I predict Flash Somebody will burst a blood vessel in his eye trying to get his headset up his ass to do radio time on This Is No Time For Rational Thinking on World Truth Radio/ channel 9!
N – FreeNslaved Obama ends up in third term
N – FreeNslaved In 2016 Dick Chaney and George Bush Sr. both pass on an odd numbered day, each early in the beginning of the month
Y – FreeNslaved In 2016 many people will be singing the blues and dancing to gloom and doom
N – moosegurl Hilary Clinton will be POTUS. It is never an election, it is a SELECTION that has already been determined
N – FreeNslaved Hillary becomes president as planned and tax freedom day pushed closer toward Thanksgiving as I predicted in the past
Y – FreeNslaved In 2016 super storms and extreme weather in the USA will be the new norm
N – FreeNslaved Biological agents lost by the CDC turn up in the most inconvenient way, A good zombie movie always tells you the story about the very first person exposed to the agent or strain.
N – Grimnir something so disturbing about the Coca-Cola company will be revealed that even the sheeple will turn away from them, driving Coca-Cola to bankruptcy
N = Beth-Z Rubio gets Rep. Nomination
Y – Beth-Z Whitney Houston will appear on stage.
N – Beth-Z Dick Cheney’s bust will get gum wads on it
Y – The_ATRAX – As far the environment goes the methane leak in California will be the biggest disaster
N – The_ATRAX – Jerry brown implemets a policy of a gas free zone in the methane area which work fine until a cop tazers a citizen and ignite sacaramento for trying to water his lawn.
N – The_ATRAX – A statewide ban of all open sparks in California
N – The_ATRAX – An army of Dick Cheney clones will break lose near Moriarty, NM which will cause panic until they make eye contact with each other in sunlight and they start eating each other.
N – The_ATRAX – The Syrian city of Homs will be taken by an army of Mormon missionarys. 3 weeks later it will be announced that Syria is the new Mormon Zion.
N – The_ATRAX – It will be revealed that Donald Trump is the love child of Zbignew Bryzinski and Yul Brenner.
N – The_ATRAX – Elon Musk and Tom Petty will announce a partnership to to save the planet through an energy program that uses a home battery power system running off of sunlight, sideburn trimmings and kickass bass riffs. The company is called TTP Tesla-Tom-Petty Inc. and will make 17 Trillion in proftis and They will create coins called Petty Cash which are 2.5 of .999 gold.
N – Grammy – Hillary Clinton will be indicted for something but nothing will happen to her.
Y – Grammy – Hillary will get Democrat nomination but will not win the general election.
N – Grammy – There will be an economic collapse and the shit will hit the fan.
Y – Spacewolf bitcoin will go up over $800 in 2016
N – anti-Hen Hillary will be President
N – Grimnir John McAfee will be president!
Y – Grimnir – Marijuana will NOT be legalized in New Mexico
Y – JuanaTaco – Larken Rose’s The Mirror project will be exceptional in exhibiting what an individual advocates based on interactive interview questions.
N – THE_Atrax japan will market a toilet paper that giggles and shoots glitter when you wipe..

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