Real Liberty Media News – 2012-02-15

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Greek Technocrat at work

The situation in Greece and can only get worse as the government of that country continues to rape it’s people for the benefit of the bankster thugs.
Greece will eventually default, regardless of what is done and I think the thieving global bankster cartel knows this but are moving forward to keep the Greeks enslaved for generations to come. Think of Greece as a preview of what is coming your way.

The United States is implementing austerity, and I use that word in the whimsical possible way, by stealth. As of now, the so-called leaders of the good ol’ USA are working hard to bankrupt all small businesses, demonizing them as rich and greedy bastards, when in reality, they are the ones providing jobs, work and productivity that keep the country floating along.

Once the bulk of small business is eliminated and the corporate monsters, that are owned by the global banking cartel, either directly or through debt, have control of all commerce, they will move on to the next phase of your enslavement, insuring your obedience and loyalty. – Channel 1 Monday through Friday at 1:00 PM Eastern

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