Alex Jones Needs To Answer To Their False No Tracking Claims

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Well this video got removed before. Let’s see if it happens again. Perhaps download it and repost it on your YT account, because it doesn’t appear that it is appropriate to challenge the status quo. I was trying to be nice in this video, even though I am more than aware of the truth. Now I’m pissed. Do a traceroute on and you will find the hops are located within Comcast, (the largest ISP in the world, and then cross reference the actual IP address geo locations in relation to the FBI, NSA, HSA, and CIA offices. You might be surprised. I’ve enjoyed Alex Jones’ information for many years, and perhaps most of it is still true, and perhaps he is unaware of his OWN NETWORK being part of the Matrix, but that’s a LOT OF PERHAPS…. Do your own due diligence.

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