The Vicious Mob Called the Republican Party | Lew Rockwell’s Political Theatre

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The Vicious Mob Called the Republican Party | Lew Rockwell's Political Theatre

The Vicious Mob Called the Republican Party

The Romneyites used government violence, as is their wont, against a Paulian official in Louisiana, in the process of preventing Ron from winning that state. They broke his fingers and more. But then, there was never any chance that the regime would allow Ron to be nominated in Tampa (which requires 5 states). Indeed, no dissent will be allowed at Romneycon. They are even preventing a 3-day R0nfest in the area. Not a discouraging word will be allowed. So, libertarian convention delegates, beware of that arm of the  government called the Republican party. These people are, after all,  the scum of the earth; they love wars, torture, the corporate state, the prisons, the camps, the banks, right-wing Keynesianism, and the military-industrial-security complex. They seek power and pelf, and will run over anyone who threatens their organized crimes, or the fun they have in plotting and and hailing the Leader. They will not hesitate to brutalize and cage you if you disagree. So plan to join hands and sing Rombaya, on the grounds that this warmongering corporatist and his oligarchy are better than that warmongering corporatist and his.

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