RLM News Show Blog – February 12, 2013

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These are the links to the stories covered on the RLM News Show – 2013-02-12

Lawmakers Suggest Secret “Drone Court” For Assassination Of American Citizens
Lawmakers Suggest Secret “Drone Court” For Assassination Of American Citizens

Ron Paul has NOT gone to the UN to strong-arm RonPaul.com

And it’s time to stop this claim and issue an apology!

Links to other Important Stories I didn’t have time to cover on the show

Chris Kyle: Hero or Murderer?
Chris Kyle: Hero or Murderer?

Dorner Manhunt: Psy Op to Use Drones in US?

The US police have now stated that they will be using spy drones to locate fugitive Christopher Dorner, who is said to have killed and attacked several people, including police, in his vendetta against corruption and brutality in law enforcement. This is a very strange and high-profile case, and how much is it being used as a psy op to get people to accept the idea of using drones to locate criminals on US soil?
The drones are presumably unarmed but I expect there is a good chance Dorner will be killed in a shootout if and when they locate him…

US President new powers make lawmakers worry

The use of pilotless aircraft began with President Bush but the campaign expanded in a massive way after Barack Obama took office in 2009. Pakistan and Yemen are the main targets of the drone attacks while to a lesser degree such strikes are conducted in Afghanistan and Somalia.

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