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March 10, 2014

The NRA has been behind most of the gun control legislation.

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The Truthseeker: NGO documents plan Ukraine war (E35)

Published on Mar 8, 2014
NGOs caught forging documents for war, insider warns all NGOs infiltrated; ‘Independent military observers’ for EU-based group OSCE again turned away in Crimea, OSCE branded one more ‘vulgar instrument’ for foreign interests; and CNN buys the latest State Department hoax.
Seek truth from facts with Illinois University Professor of International Law and former Amnesty board member Francis Boyle; Infowars Editor Paul Joseph Watson; Eric Draitser of Boiling Frogs Post; Ron Paul Institute Executive Director Daniel McAdams; Ukraine protest organizers; Sliman Bouchuiguir, whose NGO fabricated the claims against Libya; and Asst. Secretary of State Vic Nuland.

Links to other Important Stories I didn’t have time to cover on the show

“There will be no American middle class” Marin Katusa, Top Investment Analyst

Published on Mar 8, 2014
The End of the Dollar “There will be no middle class”

Marin Katusa, one of the leading entrepreneurs of our time, shocked SoundMoneyCampaign.com this weekend with an unforgettable interview.

Mr. Katusa is known as a straight arrow, traveling to over 100 countries looking for investment opportunities in extreme circumstances. Still in his 30’s, he is partnered with two of the most legendary value investor speculators, Doug Casey and Rick Rule.

Together they have seen more 10 baggers than any other group of investors alive! Their reputations as investors is creating millionaires, which is why what Marin had to tell us was startling!

From leaders all around the world, Marin Katusa says the end of the dollar reserve currency status is unfolding right now. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is the first chapter of the end of the petro-dollar.

As for investments, Mr. Katusa is buying gold and gold properties, specifically a small gold company that himself, Rick Rule, and Doug Casey are putting millions in right now. Brazil Resources Inc, led by Amir Adnani, a man who has already proven himself with previous mining companies that gave investors a 2,800% return in the matter of 2 years!

Mr. Katusa has a big warning for members of the U.S. government, “do not underestimate Putin, do not.”

Numbers Station Broadcasting Secret Codes in Ukraine

Published on Mar 10, 2014
Number stations are broadcasting unusual codes over radio waves in the Ukraine. Though broadcasts over shortwave radio waves isn’t new, the uprising in the Ukraine has caused a change of programming for number stations that appear to be operated by the Russian government. We listen to the broadcasts and look closer at the strange holdover from the cold war that is a throwback to the old days of espionage in this clip from the Buzzsaw news hosted by Tyrel Ventura with Tabetha Wallace.

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