In A perfect World Podcast Blog – 2019-03-12 – Do you have a date with ignorance?

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Contrasting the Occupation

Do you have a date with ignorance?
w Flash

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This Weeks Topics:

° VinE is on vacation so Flash did solo questioning the reality we live in with a few one liners.
° Discussed odds and ends about the details we are not taught to look for.
° Reminded people about
° Asked the big question: Are we in a toxic world?

Listen to the Podcast and enjoy!

Tags: #Flash, #PerfectWorld, #RealLibertyMedia, #RLM, #RealLibertyOrg, #OneLiners, #QuestioningReality, #OddsAndEnds, #ToxicWorld

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This is the podcast for the “In A Perfect World” Show that airs every Tuesday at 1:00 PM eastern.


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