The Age of Fission Podcast Blog – 2019-12-11 – The Nuclear State Of The World with Lonnie and VinE

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Contrasting the Occupation

The Nuclear State Of The World
with Lonnie & VinE

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Lonnie Clark And Vincent Easley II Discuss A Variety Of Topics On The Nuclear State Of The World.

Today’s Show Topics:

Cask Inventory (from

International Atomic Energy Agency (the lead killers)

Go to Manhattan Project for a Nuclear Free World

This Website Has Detailed Information On The Work Of Dr. John Gofman

Here Is A Story On The Leaking Nuke Plants In Illinois That Mentions The “Blessings” Of The Natural Resources Defense Fund:

One We Didn’T Talk About: 75% Of All Nuke Plants In The Us Leak:

Obama Raises Radiation Limits:

To Dig Into The Four Separate Sites In St. Louis/Illinois Created By The Manhattan Project Go To The Webpage For A Documentary On This Topic “First Secret City”:

Two Podcasts From Nuclear Hotseat That Goes Into Detail On The 2020 Tokyo Olympics Danger


Listen to the Podcast and enjoy!

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This is the podcast for the “The Age Of Fission” Show that airs every Wednesday at Noon eastern.


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