The Age of Fission Podcast Blog – 2020-03-11 – Lonnie Clark – Dave Parrish – Worldwide Meditation

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Lonnie Clark

Dave Parrish
Worldwide Meditation

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Lonnie and Dave discuss the need for people to pay attention and demand better responses to the ongoing nuclear disaster in Japan

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Time: 2020-03-11 11am Pacific/2pm Eastern UST
Meeting ID: 19416750
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Finally, after 6 years of producing The Age of Fission Radio Show, Lonnie has decided that 3/11/2020 will be her last podcast for the Age of Fission. She may come back with a new podcast, however, for now, life has shown her that this podcast must come to an end. To all my listeners, thanks for joining me.

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Remember, Happiness IS Resistance and Love IS Greater Than Fear.

Lonnie Clark

Listen to the Podcast and enjoy!

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This is the podcast for the “The Age Of Fission” Show that airs every Wednesday at Noon eastern.


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