In A Perfect World Podcast Blog w Flash & GramZ – 2020-07-21 – Run For Your Life

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Philosophizing Freedom


Run For Your Life

with Flash & GramZ

In a Perfect World - 800x800-3pm
Flash is joined by Grammy and they discuss things happening in the world today.

Tonight’s topic: “Run For Your Life”

  • Facing Your Adulthood
  • Lets Be Homeless
  • Regulate Your Government
  • The Propaganda Report
  • Lets Vote On It
  • Amazon In Seattle
  • Contracts and Being Rewarded
  • Are You Sick?



Listen to the Podcast and enjoy!

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Show Page: In A Perfect World with Flash – Philosophizing Freedom – Tuesdays at 3:00 PM Eastern



This is the podcast for the “In A Perfect World” Show that airs every Tuesday at 3:00 PM eastern.


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