The Dork Table Podcast Blog w Flash & GramZ – 2020-10-31 – Are Ya Feelin’ Desperate Yet?

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The Dork Table
with FlashSomebody
for those of us who don’t need therapy

Are Ya Feelin’ Desperate Yet?

Dork Table 16x9 2:00 PM

Flash is joined by GramZ for A Discussion on a variety of topics.

Today’s Show Topic: “Are Ya Feelin’ Desperate Yet?”

  • GramZ Has Some Twitter
  • Open Letter to Congress from an Anon
  • Speaking Of Colorado
  • Lets Talk Covid
  • Trump or Biden?
  • Fear Of The Dark
  • Eye Contact
  • If I Ran The Zoo
  • Being Ready Takes Work
  • Law Enforcement

Take a listen, I think you will enjoy it.

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