Redneck Dentist – 2021-02-27 – Episode 1 (Intro, Bio, Food, Insurrection, Trans MMA Fighter)

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Redneck Dentist
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Intro, Bio, Food, Insurrection,
Trans MMA Fighter

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Redneck Dentist – Episode 01

Show Intro:

Doc Mike the red neck dentist

  • Thank You Real Liberty Media
  • Intro
  • Childhood
  • Not that kind of redneck, not from the south, not a cowboy
  • High-school, counselor, homework, grades, money
  • Forgive me for being from one of the most liberal states in these United States.

What this show will be talking about in future episodes


  • Free Speech – FB, Twitter, Amazon, Google, Instagram, etc
  • Cancel Culture
  • Us (the people) vs them (elites, and government)
  • When the government fears the people (insurrection) there is Liberty, when the people fear the government there is Tyranny – Thomas Jefferson

Hey, did you know this about reading books electronically? Do you know you don’t actually own the book? The book can be edited at any time. I suppose there is some way you can prevent this if you want, but my point is, that very quote could disappear from any electronic versions of TJ works

I am glad the elected officials were “Scared”. Do they remember that is our house, not theirs? No they don’t. They get to D.C. reap all the benefits of being an elected official, living by passing laws that they don’t have to follow, or worse, passing laws that only effect them, (their healthcare benefits vs what they expect us to live on) for their benefit and protection.

Not only that, but what were they scared of? A mob? They are lucky it wasn’t a take over or real insurrection. Very few of them would have survived. Haven’t any of them actually studied history, or witnessed violent over throws of govenments? Apparently not. It usually involves either well coordinated attacks with militant styled opposition with weaponry and armaments that would at least give the insurrectionists a chance at succeeding. It is violent, extremely violent, usually. These people live a life doling out punishment in the form of thousands of laws created every year that apply to us, not them. They keep doing it because we keep taking it. They have no fear, none. It is actually laughable that those pussies were afraid of a MOSTLY peaceful bunch of demonstrators that just wanted a tour of the capital grounds and to meet their representatives in person…

Those elected officials that were scared were scared for a reason. They do not represent those who elected them. They have done things that the people who elected them do not agree with and they know it. Of course they were afraid of actually having to face the people they are screwing on a daily basis.

Rachel Levine, genital mutilation, transgender nominee for assistant secretary of health and human services

World Health Organiztion

United Nations Population Fund

Organizations that condemn genital mutilation. FGM has been condemned by numerous international and regional bodies, including the United Nations Commission on Human Rights, the United Nations International Children Emergency Fund (UNICEF), the Organization of African Unity and the World Medical Association. In addition to the broader issues of health and human rights of the child, FGM is gender-specific discrimination related to the historical suppression and subjugation of women that is unique to women and female children.

But just change the terminology and suddenly this becomes an acceptable treatment of children. This Rachel Levine, who is the nominee for the assistant secretary of Health and Human Services, believes that we should allow children to have gender reassignment surgeries if they identify as the opposite gender. Not only that but it believes that we should give children hormone suppression treatment until they are old enough to decide what gender they want to be.

Joe Rogan’s take on Trans MMA fighter

Did you hear about this MMA fighter Fallon Fox? It was a he who is now a she. It fights women in MMA events, or did, apparently retired now. I guess it was rather devastating. Surprised? Yeah, well I guess we need to get used to it as the current administration will allow even biological males to compete as a female if they “identify” as a female.

Legalizing drugs and taxing alcohol to pay for rehab?

This was the first episode of the show Redneck Dentist



Thank You for tuning in and/or listening to the podcast.

The universe is a crazy place. Let’s see if we can explore it together.

Anyway, just listen to podcast and enjoy.

Thanks Everyone!


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