Redneck Dentist Podcast Blog – 2021-04-24 – Episode 09 – Post Pandemic Health Problems, Covid Death Rate

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Post Pandemic Health Problems,
Covid Death Rate

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Redneck Dentist – Episode 09

Red Neck Moment of the Week RNMW

Removing trees, tree hugging neighbor was concerned, we are surrounded by thousands of trees but she is concerned about the 6 or 7 we are going to take out.

Prep of the week

Community supported agriculture

Dental Story of the Week

Advanced illnesses due to “Covid Fight”

With medical visits picking up again among patients vaccinated against covid-19, health providers are starting to see the consequences of a year of pandemic-delayed preventive and emergency care as they find more advanced cancer and rotting and damaged teeth, among other ailments.

J.P. Valin, executive vice president and chief clinical officer at SCL Health of Colorado and Montana, said he is “kept awake at night” by delays in important medical tests. “People put off routine breast examinations and there are going to be some cancers hiding that are not going to be identified, potentially delaying intervention,” he said.

Fola May, a gastroenterologist who is also quality director and a health equity researcher at UCLA Health, worries about the consequences of an 80 to 90 percent drop in colonoscopies performed by the health system’s doctors during the first months of the pandemic.

The American population will be coming out of the pandemic with teeth worn down from grinding, back problems from slouching at makeshift homework stations and mental health problems from a combination of isolation and being too close to family.

Despina Markogiannakis, a dentist in Chevy Chase, Md., said patients don’t argue when she tells them they have been grinding or clenching their teeth and might require a root canal, dental implant or night guard.

Pandemic Induced Delays

But the delays have been widespread. More than one-third of U.S. adults say they have delayed or forgone medical care due to the pandemic. As the vaccination rate grows, doctors hope to continue to see more patients scheduling tests and checkups, but they still worry about what they will find from the delays.

Herd immunity – the fastest way to get there is to let this virus infect most of the population that will likely survive it.

Infections everyday – my own experiences with infections, broken teeth, pain etc.

Look, dental problems are not hard to avoid. Honestly, brush your teeth 3 times a day for two minutes per time, floss once a day. You don’t have to use tooth paste, really, just use water if you want. This will eliminate 90 percent of dental problems. There will still be those unfortunate accidents, or failures like fracturing a perfectly healthy tooth, or grinding down your enamel, and normal wear and tear just from using your teeth all of your life, but those things are truly unavoidable.

It is surprising to me that people actually tell me they don’t have time to brush their teeth. Really? But I see you have time to do your nails, wash your hair and shower. Oh and yeah, that latest episode of “the masked singer was awesome, wasn’t it?” So, you have time for all kinds of other things, but you don’t have four to six minutes a day to brush your teeth and spare yourself some pain and suffering later?

By the way, don’t try and tell your dentist that you brush and floss everyday, unless you truly do. They can tell simply by looking.

Covid deaths from Covid after full vaccination

The number of recorded COVID-19 cases among Americans who have been fully vaccinated against the virus that causes it is now over 7,100, according to health officials.

The so-called breakthrough cases are reported by states to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which then releases the figures.

In its new update, the CDC reported that 7,157 people who were fully vaccinated against the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, which causes COVID-19, still got the virus.

Most of the breakthrough cases, 64 percent, took place among women, while 46 percent were among men or women aged 60 years old or older.

Nearly 500 people who contracted COVID-19 despite being fully vaccinated required hospital care, though about a third of their illnesses were deemed unrelated to COVID-19. Eighty-eight, or 1 percent of the breakthrough patients, died. Eleven of the deaths were reported as not showing symptoms or not related to the disease.

No viruses found in 1500 positive samples, scanning electron microscope finds NO covid viruses


Thank You for tuning in and/or listening to the podcast.

The universe is a crazy place. Let’s see if we can explore it together.

Anyway, just listen to podcast and enjoy.

Thanks Everyone!


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