Redneck Dentist Podcast Blog – 2021-05-22 – Episode 13 – Dexter, Meat Collecting, Oregon Counties

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Dexter, Meat Collecting, Oregon Counties

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Redneck Dentist – Episode 13



RLM chat

Birthday party today – grilling burgers and dogs

Red Neck Moment of the Week RNMW

Dexter the new dog/puppy got cleared by the vet and we are going to get him tomorrow.

Dental Story of the Week

Prep of the week

Meat collecting


Leg hold traps

Kill traps



Bow – fishing and hunting

Gun – rifle, shot gun, pistol, Pellet,

Size of game

small game

big game


Can you store meat or do you need to preserve it or eat it all?

Cougar caught in Cali

So, a Bay Area Puma Project spokesperson actually said these words in a video interview “due to the increase of cameras, it may seem that there are more Pumas, but the fact is the Puma population is decreasing”. Let me ask you something. If we are seeing MORE pumas, can you even begin to entertain the idea that there are fewer of them? I can not and will not. As a biologist, I study animal behavior. I can tell you if you are seeing more animals, with eyes or cameras there are more animals. Yes, there are at times pressures put on wildlife that can increase human encounters with animals. You always hear that due to expanding growth of housing or humans into areas where animals live that humans are taking away their habitat. That can be true, but it is temporary as the animals will move away in most cases. Once a community of humans is established, generally the reason animals will show up in human inhabited areas is because the surrounding wild lands can not support the population that has outgrown the local resources. I see it often out here in the country. For months or even up to a year, we will have little to no encounters with predators on our property. Then, we will start hearing from neighbors about a bear, raccoon, skunk, cougar, bobcat, coyote, etc that is roaming the area. Sooner or later someone with kill the offender usually when it is taking pets, or our meat or egg producers. Then the cycle starts over. I literally busted out laughing when this spokesperson said because there are more cameras catching more animals on recordings that it may seem like there are more, but there are actually less animals. Please….

Five Oregon Counties vote to secede and join Idaho

That makes 7 total counties that have started the process.

Those of us out in the country, on the land, we don’t give two shits about Portland, Salem, Eugene. Yet those cities are the population centers of the state and so many people live there, in the cities that they control the entire state politically. That means they make laws which may make sense to them in Portland, but not only doesn’t make sense in the country but actually interferes with the way we choose to live.

I can tell you that many people in my area don’t care one damn bit about what is going on in Portland. All the riots and property destruction that has been justified by the Mayor of Portland and the Governor of Oregon should even be a clear message to those businesses that they should also LEAVE Oregon. It is rather ironic that most of those businesses choose to do business in Portland because of it’s liberal leaning population and how weird Portland is. There is even an ad campaign about “keeping Portland Weird”. Great, keep Portland weird

Oregon Businesses forced to check vax status


More hypocrisy – can’t ask if your penis was cut off or surgically installed to use a bathroom, but, show me your VAX status!


Thank You for tuning in and/or listening to the podcast.

The universe is a crazy place. Let’s see if we can explore it together.

Anyway, just listen to podcast and enjoy.

Thanks Everyone!


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