Choosing Not To

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Easley Street

The hardest part is simple, but it’s also the tuffest. Staying Quit.

6 Months To The Day…

No, not 1, not a single ciggie or even a chaw. Nope, not a bit, No Tobacco at-all.

I’d smoked cigarettes every since since I was a kid. I’ll round down and call it, 45 years.

Now, let’s say a pack a day for an overall average of, 16,470 packs.

You know, that’s only 329,400 for all those many years. I’m thinking that really doesn’t look all too bad, with the numbers crunched that is 🤔

Wait, let’s try this another way…
.45 cents a pack when I started, and I’ll go high with 10 bucks per when I quit…

WHOA! That comes out at something like a whopping, $86,055 DOLLARS.

That’s not a bit better. In fact, it’s difinately badder and One Hell of a Price-Tag.

BTW, I’m still wanting to smoke, it’d be so easy too.
Quitting’s just as easy, though, really.

RealLibertyMediaVinE, Vincent Easley II.

The Inspiration To Quit came from my niece Hannah Easley.

The occasion to do so came on Mike and Faith Stickler’s Wedding Day.

It was there I sat with Cliven and Carol Bundy for dinner. I count them with such regard to be my reason for staying quit.

Coincidentally this all fell on my B-Day, and a Sabbath to boot. It made a for a good day, one I don’t want to give up.


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