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Behind The Woodshed

Open a can of whoop-ass each and every broadcast!

Behind The Woodshed for that practical education and that hard but necessary dose of reality Whoop-Ass.

Live Sunday, Noon O’clock Pacific.  Archive Below.

Behind The Woodshed Show Page         Twitter: @behindawoodshed

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17 thoughts on “Behind The Woodshed Podcasts

  1. The ones who congratulate Biden on his supposed election are just Empire sluts like he… owned and operated by the Oligarchy/Empire that seeks to destroy the US for the last 244 years. For example, the de facto PM in the location called Canada is so “owned” that he likely asks them when he can go to the loo…. and he and Biden are similarly owned, so it is colleague time, NOT competitor, but both working for the same Hegelian Totalitarian governance system.

    1. Are u a canuck?¿ The leader of canada, the ballerina, as a secret. Justin Trudeau is the son of. wait for it……
      ..wait for it…………………Are you sitting down for this?¿ Prime minister Justin Trudeau is the son of the dictator Castro!

  2. Hello Hal Anthony !

    You speak several times on your podcast that you have been doing this show for several years.
    I see the links for archives stop at 2016 – can I request / suggest archives from the inception to today?
    It would be a benefit to gather your early programs to consider.

    I have a question about your method of broadcasting, have you considered Shortwave radio?
    There are many transmitters in USA (bought up by congolmerates) who offer packages of air time
    and you don’t need to be near the transmitter, your show would be perfect for Shortwave.. kinda
    like the Great Bill Cooper understood the power of real Radio.


    1. Ok Hal – I found your Older Oracle shows – there are links but when I download them they are empty files 4K in size.

      Is there an external resource to find these Oracle files? I see a torrent associated with them, curious of they are being

    1. This just redirects back to this podcast list which only goes to 2016. As someone else asked, are there older shows to access and how would one access them?

  3. Perhaps if you look at the old testament as a manifesto for the governments, rulers, magistrates, priests, etc., you will have a finer discernment of the bible’s message. The new testament then tells us how to live by Jesus’ teachings.

    To paraphrase: Be OF the world not IN it.

    1. In order to download and share any of the above programs on a Windows platform simply select the desired archive, right click on the “download podcast” in the right hand column, then choose “save link as ….”

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