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Behind The Woodshed Blogcaster – September 8, 2019.

BTWRLM335, 911 Made All This, Up In Smoke, Annual Trauma-based Trigger, Mental Infringement, HARPA DARPA Herp Derp, Everything Is Under Control, Reverse Liberty, Presumption Against Innocence, Marijuana Vaping, Contaminant, Deadly Lung Illness, Putin, Bush, 911, White House, Mental Health, Violent People, NRA, Domestic Terrorist, San Francisco, Anti-meme Militia, Election Measures, Supermicro Bug, Virtual USBs, Gun Scope App, Neurocapitalism, Brain-Reading Technology, Terrorist Screening Database, Due Process, Unconstitutional, ELHADY, et al., v. Kable, et al., 2019, Rlog

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