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Behind The Woodshed Blogcaster – April 19, 2020.


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The Freeker’s Ball Podcast: 2019-12-20 – #Christmas #Sage #Retailpocalypse #Cookies #Impeachment

Some Of The Stuff We Talked About:
° Doctors Warn Of ‘Holiday Heart’ Ahead Of Celebrating The Season
° Research Shows Medicinal Smoke Kills 94% of Airborne Bacteria
° Furious PETA Animal Activists Crash A Christmas Parade To Shout At Families In Brisbane
° Earth’s Magnetic North Pole is Moving Faster Than Ever, Leaving Scientists Baffled
° $20 Fisher-Price Toy Charcuterie Board Is Slammed Online For Being ‘Bougie’
° Retailpocalypse – A Record 9,300 Stores Closed Across US In 2019
° Bathroom Sign Says Employees Must Have ‘Smell Check’ To Ensure ‘Not Sitting On Phone’ For Too Long
° Spritz Cookie Recipes – Allrecipes.com
° Topeka, Kansas, Offers People Up To $15k To Move There
° Man Mistakenly Orders Inflatable Santa The Size Of His House
° Radio Host’s Call For Trump Impeachment To Be Interrupted By ‘Nice School Shooting’ Gets Show Canceled
° CANADA: Men Fired for Saying ‘Eskimo’ in Private Conversation
° Don’t Trust. Verify. – OpenSource PIA

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