The Wonderful Wizard of ObamaScare

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Wizard-of-oz_hologramThis morning, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius ‘appeared’ before the House Energy and Commerce Committee to answer questions about the already failed, and miserably so, ObamaCare system and the fraud that is the website.

A couple of comments caught me as quite entertaining:

GOP Rep. Joe Barton of Texas invokes “The Wizard of Oz.” Tells Sebelius, the former governor of Kansas that “we’re not in Kansas anymore.”

and this little gem:

Democratic Rep. Bruce Braley of Iowa, in listing the positives for Obamacare, also invokes “The Wizard of Oz.” He says: “People went to see the wizard because of the wonderful things he did.”

I think the message here is if you believe in the fictional wizard who gets people to perform dangerous and deadly tasks, only to turn most away when they come for their reward and hand the rests trinkets after scaring them with smoke and mirrors, you will love ObamaCare

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