Dropping a Coil Podcast Blog w Larry Woods Flash Robwerks – 2020-07-02 – Cancel The End of The World

Today’s Show Topic – “Cancel The End of The World”

Items Discussed:

  • Rob and Larry Chat About Fear and How it Works Us
  • Fishin’ Report
  • Monday Meeting Report, A Coil Update
  • Rob Questions How Would This System Work on A Boat
  • A New Kind of Fishing Lure
  • Culling The Herd
  • Burning Out Their Electronics is Expensive
  • Are There Different Races
  • What Electricity Is, is Hot to Neutral
  • Reality Check Ala Larry
  • Religion, Magic and Other Fun Stuff
  • Last Words
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Dork Table - Square - 2:00 PM

The Dork Table Podcast Blog with Flash & GramZ – 2020-06-23 – Freedom By Force Looks Possible

Today’s Show Topics:

  • “Freedom By Force Looks Possible”
  • Opening Comments From Flash About The Movie A Face In The Crowd While Mary Takes An Important Phone Call
  • Why Is All The Space Stuff Made Up?
  • Lets Talk Magic and Change a Few Frequencies
  • Synthetics Are Bad For Us
  • Self Care
  • Five Things to fix the USA
  • Are You Vibrating?
  • Bad Jokes!
  • A Battle of Wits
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In a Perfect World Cover Banner

In A Perfect World Podcast Blog – 2019-07-02 – Flash Reads His Own Blogs From Realliberty.org

Flash Reads His Own Blogs From Realliberty.Org

° Beating A Dead Horse Or Vote Until You See It Doesn’t Work
° Will 2019 Be The Change We Want?
° The Reality Of Reality Is Unreal
° The Boobs In Politics Ain’t Pretty
° Am I Really Here?
° Real Liberty Media Radio Is Growing
° The Magic Of Radio And Other Strange Ideas
° This Is Only A Test!
° Don’t Drink The Water
° This Is No Time For Rational Thinking – Part 2
° They Said It Couldnt Be Done, So I Tried It
Then He went on to discuss …
° When The Power Goes Out
° Being Married
° Israel’s Butt-hurt Tom-Foolery

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Grammy Mary

Grammy’s Rocket Chair Podcast Blog – 2018-11-21 – #AbuseOfPower #Anarchy #Apathy #CoddledGeneration

Is it Magic or Slight of Hand? Either way, there IS Deception going on……. Is it Lack of Information or Willful Ignorance? Either way, there IS Abuse of Power going on…….. and Yes, Deception Too!

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Dork Table Banner

The Dork Table Podcast Blog – 2018-09-11 | VinE is MIA on 9/11

http://media.blubrry.com/rlmnews/p/www.reallibertymedia.com/podcasts/dorktable/The_Dork_Table_-_2018-09-11.mp3Podcast (dorktable): Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:59:45 — 19.4MB) | EmbedSubscribe: Android | Email | RSS Dorks saying dorky things about dorky things Vincent Easley II Continues to co-host (although he was not present for today’s show) with Flash on The Dork Table while Grammy is on a summer long hiatus.   […]

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Grammy Mary

Grammy’s Rocket Chair Podcast Blog – 2018-09-07 – #Cancer #GatewayDrugs #Magic #StemCells #WarOnDrugs

http://media.blubrry.com/rlmnews/p/www.reallibertymedia.com/podcasts//grammy/Grammy_s_Rocket_Chair_2018_09-07.mp3Podcast (grammysrocketchair): Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:57:32 — 22.7MB) | EmbedSubscribe: Android | Email | RSS Grammy’s Rocket Chair – This FREEKER Friday Show has left me with More Questions than Answers…… but isn’t that What “Learning” is all about? My Rational Mind was learning about the Marijuana Myths, People Healing Themselves, […]

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