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Grim Leftovers Podcast Blog – 2019-06-17 – #Millennials #Tomatoes #BearBong #MMR #Vaccine #SkyPenis #CBD

This Episode’s Topics:
° Irish Government Health Body Tells Women to Flush Their Aborted Babies Down the Toilet
° Millennials Think That Going Out Actually Sucks
° Scientists figure out why grocery store tomatoes suck
° ‘If You Give a Bear a Bong’ is a Children’s Book for Former Children
° What’s the Truth Behind MMR Vaccine Testing?
° World’s first living organism with fully redesigned DNA created
° The U.S. Navy released transcript of the conversation between the two pilots who drew a sky penis and it’s hilarious
° Twitter Joins Vaccine Censorship Bandwagon
° Experts prove CBD products don’t affect drug test results
° Cannabis Shops Linked to Lower Crime, Increased Property Values

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Grammy Mary

Grammy’s Rocket Chair Podcast Blog – 2019-05-17 – #BigPharmaFraud #MMR #RICO #VeilsOfConsciousness #RLM

Recently I had someone ask me….. “Why do you Do This?” and I gave a quick little answer that really didn’t Answer the Question but it seemed to Satisfy them. Ever since then, I’ve been asking myself…. “Why DO I Do This???” and after a couple days I Realized it’s because of a few Character Traits (some would say Flaws but I don’t Listen to those Negative Nancys).

Ya see….. I SUCK at Keeping Secrets! Just ask my Family & Friends….

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Doge Of War

Behind The Woodshed Blogcaster – March 31, 2019.

BTWRLM312, Psychotic Psynsationalism Or Psy-Op, Psychotic Performance Art, End The Fed, Set Up For The Take-Down, Aiding And Abetting An Occupier, Global Sustainable Terrorism, Vaccine Induced Gender Confusion, Harm Or Herd, MonSatan, Slayer, J&J, PurDIEe Pharma, University “Science” Fraud, Algorithmic Morality?, Alex Jones, Psychosis, Sandy Hook, Cannabis, Federal Reserve, Gold, Silver, Oregon, Trump Vindication, Mueller, US Taxpayers, Israeli, Laser Weapons, Security Council, Terror Financing, Live-virus Vaccines, MMR, Waterbag Abortions, Xarelto, Duke University, GMO Toxicity, Syngenta, Robot Judge

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Doge Of War

Behind The Woodshed Blogcaster – February 24, 2019.

Mapping the American War OF Terrorism, Becoming Effective, Mutants Impossible To Predict, Feed Not Food, What Could Go Wrong, Toxic Consequences, All Is Warfair, Bottom-line Health, Facing THE Terrorist, Hold On There!, GM Wheat Trials, China, CRISPR Twins, Precautionary Principle, Lab Meat, Pink Slime, Impossible Foods, Bleeding Burgers, Poison Protein, GMO People, Mini-Brains, GMO Potato, Transparent, Ripple Effect, Anti-CRISPR, Optogenetic Control, Generation Of Warfare, Strokes, Heart Attack, Early Death, Dr Stephanie Seneff, MMR, Autism, Roundup, Supreme Court, Seize Property, Impose Fines, BTWRLM307

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